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Marco De Vincenzo jumper

Nostalgia for the 80th swept us with such a powerful wave that we just need to have in the wardrobe pieces in the spirit of the “arrogance and success” decade. That’s why we liked the jumper by Marco De Vincenzo, which reflects the main trends of that period: psychedelic rave print, striking combination of black, yellow and ultramarine blue, also cocky lurex in tinsel mohair. We believe that such a piece suits a fun, active, self-confident woman. So that everyone knows, she prefers to be in the spotlight and doesn’t like to hide in a crowd of gray figures.


New staffing changes in the fashion houses

Recent trends in the fashion industry have shown that personnel reshuffles in the large labels are not planning to end. A few days ago it became known about the two surprising resignations.

Consuelo Castiglioni, who founded Marni together with her husband in 1994, is stepping away from the creative director role at the company. For twenty years she has done enough for the house and now she wants to devote more time to rest and family. The post of creative director she will hand over Francesco Risso, who is already preparing the fall/winter 2017 collection in the new place.

Консуэло Кастильони, Consuelo Castiglioni, Marni

Консуэло Кастильони, Consuelo Castiglioni, Marni

Another news broke a couple of days after: Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud are out at Carven. As the design duo they’ve worked on brand’s collections for almost two years. Who will replace them is still unknown. And something tells us that these are not the last change, awaiting us before the next fashion season. What do you think, who’s next?


Marni earrings

We often can’t be too careful when it comes to casual jewelry. What kind of jewelry will look not too pretentious and appropriate in the daytime? Marni knows the answer. The brand has created unusual earrings for such cases, which are featuring an oversized sailing knot crafted from black cord and capped in gold-toned hardware. Glittering grey crystals add some elegance and make these earrings really stylish – not just ropes in the ears. So, these pieces are perfect for those who do not like flashy precious stones and metals.


Au Jour le Jour shirt

Au Jour le Jour shirt

The designers of Au Jour le Jour are sure that girls should look bright and outstanding not only when a special occasion requires it, but also any other day. Well, because a rendezvous which may change a life can be expected at every turn. That’s why the brand offers comfortable everyday items in unusual stylization for active townswomen to be ready for such an encounter. Like, for example, this shirt. How many plaid shirts do you have in your wardrobe? Exactly! Today such a piece can’t impress. But if to decorate it with flirty tassels, as Au Jour le Jour did, it becomes part of the wardrobe that speaks of its owner as a creative and daring girl with a great sense of humor. Sounds pretty good, right?

Au Jour le Jour shirt

Au Jour Le Jour jeans

The Italian brand Au Jour Le Jour decided to reconsider its views on casual clothes and offered the usual pair of jeans to decorate with the playful tassels. We are sure that there are enough simple jeans of various shades of blue in your wardrobe. And these ones, with red tassels along the side seam, will be unique and memorable, thanks to which you won’t go unnoticed in the crowd of monochrome autumn looks. Do not be afraid of bold decisions! You can combine these denim pants with equally bright sweater and ankle boots with colorful embroidery. Yes, now the weather forces us to dress more warmly. But it won’t be responsible for the colors in our clothing or mood!


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