Make-up for video, as all kinds of MU, has special conditions. It will be interesting for videobloggers or just ladies who preparing to any unprofessional video-shootings, for example – on celebrations of weddings, birthdays or another Big days. So, lets go!
First of all a face in a video mustn’t to be glossy. That’s why,a pouders and a primers for mattifying are basic items, that You should have in Your cosmetic case. Those items block a skin pores, that means – to prolong a time of flowlees look of MU. If the effect of wetness is needed it must be done onto finished MU and by specials items, mostly professionals use hlycerinium or uncolored lip gloss.
Beetween mattifying poudres I prefer transparantes (its professional kind of invisible flour with very fine highconcentrated lightreflexing grist). But a working with transparantes is quite difficault. It is applying by very tender mopy moves by fluffy brash. Its also should be blend exccellent, in other way – You have a risk to white spots on a face in a camera. My favourites are  Inglot Hd, Make-up Atelier Hd and Colored MAC pouders – I always use the darkest one and the most light – the middle colores i get by mixing of those two – this method keeps your money and space in profeccional case.
When during the shooting you a making up a face time by time  – you have a risk of very “too much of pouder mask” instead mattified look, for avoiding this my advice is – firstly to mop a swet and skin fat by paper napking,  and only after to put on a  flour.

Talking about mattifying face for camera I should to say that ont only face must be poured – ears, neck and all open parts, that could be glossy. But dont applay to much, because if talikng about making-up fo men – its imporant to remember, that the best solution is doing it very invisibly. As for me – I never pouder upper lids to men, never paint a brows and no sculpting at all the only which is neccesary (execpt mattifying, of course) – to lay the brows and beard by special gel, and if beard has some whitespaces – to paint them. Men must stay musculine.

A little about superspecial camera cosmetic.

Everybody knows definition, like HD. But not many people knows what mean this mark onto cosmetic package. It means – You can use it for MU for video by HD-cameras. Almost all professional MU brands already has a lines for HDshootings. In those items always very fine grip, good coverage and mirorring possibilities. The three components making effect of “already photoshopped” face in videoframe.

From my HD-assistents are always primers Make Up For Ever All matt, Smashbox photo finish, if I need something more moisturising – Smashbox photo finish hydrating and Make-up Atelier and the most universal are Mac Prep+Prime Skin and Strobe cream.

The leader of that products of course – UltraHD line for 4K resolution of camera. It works amazing on the video and in everyday using. Its absolutely new word in visage industry – real “No Make Up Make Up”!

Okay, next Golden rule in Make-up – all part of body must be one colour. If You making-up a face – check in camera decollette and hads, probably that needed to mask as well. Its very important because camera maximize all imperfections.

And about colortones in one mix – tone of blashes, lipstick, eyeshadows and foundation must match by temperature. With each-other and colortype of the face. The combinations of warm and cold tones look unnatural.

And the last one – Make-up should emphasize facial features very active because of sophite lamps (or even any fake light)  that neutralize all pourly showed nuances.But nevertheless it will be better to do it step by step, its always easier to add than to abate.

Be pretty on all your videos!

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Illustrated by Nastya Gry