Hello everybody 🙂

This time I decide to write few words about some moments in Ukrainian-Italian couples, mostly to make our girls to understand why we are so different and the same moment so similar (for the Italian guys will be my next article :)) First I want to mention that such couples have only one way of being – it’s when the girl is Slavic and the guy is Italian! I’ve never met in my life the other way!

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My husband is not a real Italian as he doesn’t drink coffee, doesn’t watch football and doesn’t look often in the mirror! :)) So not everything in this article will be taken from my family life!

So difference between us I can describe with this sweet/salty example: our countries has one common national product – lard but.. Italians love to eat it with honey and Ukrainians with onion and brown bread! So looks like we are the same but with very small difference!

In such relations a lot of things depends on you! You should decide either to forgot whom you’ve been before and fully become real Italian lady or to save your own mentality and try to make an exchange of some points of life with your Italian man and to make a real international family with common values! My choice was #2 and my text will be based on this!

The situations!

1. Italian families! Here everything will be like in old Italians movies (they are so conservative that nothing changed form that period)! First – forget to have your private space! They will ask you where are you going even if you just get up from dinner table to go to toilet! To enter your bedroom while you are sleeping (but they knock before!!! 🙂 is also normal! So don’t be shy to ask your new boyfriend this question – “with whom are you living?”! p.s. We are living alone! 😉 and just visiting the relatives!

2. Mother – this is completely different topic where ill not give any comments but still can give some advice! Remember that from the very beginning you automatically became enemy as you are not Italian girl and qualifying for her son attention! Here I suggest to learn Italian and to explain to her that you also have mother and she is also worry about you (especially you are a girl)! But still like I wrote before – there are only two way to manage this! Either you become fully Italian and his mother became your mother and everything is perfect either you explain that there are a lot of different countries and mentalities in the world and slowly explains her these difference (this choice works more slow but it’s my choice)! And the main thing is not to share you husband and her son like if you sharing the orange!))

3. Italians are very very conservative and always following their traditions! So be ready that you need to spend with them all their holidays and only after long explanation they will understand that we also have our New Year, Easter and 8 March and we need to include it to our family holidays!

4. Passionate Italian and Italian passion always stay together! I can’t imagine passionate in bed Italian to be boring during normal day life! So even if you are not so much into showdown just pretend that you are in to support your Italian man (as they really can’t live without this))))

5. Romance is a myth but mostly for out Slavic girls! As we used to huge flowers bouquet and chocolates at least during firs romantic months! And in Italy is really popular some dried flowers at home, flower pots and may be sometimes bouquet with three roses! Once we went to one birthday and on the table was flower pot (it was not even flowers, only green leafs)! I started to comment that waitress should remove this strange leafs but after some people reactions I realize – I did mistake! Ooops 🙂 I just was lucky that first few years we’ve been living in Kiev (Ukraine) and flowers shops were at every corner! It was kind a motivation for my husband (for sure there is a reason why in Kiev so many flower corners, it means somebody buying them!!))

6. Don’t pay attention if somebody looking in the mirror more then you! Once I entered elevator with 5 Italian guys and as soon as door closed they all turn their faces to the mirror and started to watch themselves, to fix hair etc! And me, the only one girl did have even small space in this mirror! But you really like to watch how Italians guy look and dressed! That’s why we have such couple like Slavic girls and Italian girls as we all like to care about ourselves! Beautiful!

7. So here we are, near the main topic – when he will marry you?! And the answer is – not soon! Normally it takes from 5 to 10 year for Italian guy to marry the girl! Even if he is fully in love of you and you already have super relations with his mother it will not happened fast! And only if he is over 40 and in a rush to have family he will propose very fast – like in a two years!

8. I was writing all this in some funny style as all these minuses are nothing if to compare them with all pluses for what we love our Italian husbands!

And I really love them for their family life state! If Italian guy fell in love it will be for a super long period of not for the whole life! If he marry you it will be forever as divorce is the last thing ever to do and it’s just shame for all his family! It’s not their style to marry every year so may be that’s why they are not in a rush to propose!?! And even if you have quarrel you know that this happening only because they are passionate Italians! ! The cult of the family is something that is lost in modern society, and they still have it!

And flowed could be exchanged with tasty Italian dinners that your boyfriend will cook for you while you are drinking glad of red vine! So if just correctly combine our view to the family life and sometimes take the initiative in your own hands you’ll have like result a very cool couple!