1. Your brand is “made in …?”
ABO`s are handmade in Belgrade, capital of Serbia!

2. Who is the team in “ABO”?
Members of our little team are sisters, designers, Iva and Ana Ljubinkovic. Iva is an architect and Ana is an artist and fashion designer. Beside us, there are 5 more skillful craftsmen that work hard on our beautiful shoes. It`s a small but powerful crew!

3. How many years your brand already exists?
ABO was founded 3,5 years ago.

4. How did the idea of such shoes appear? Who or what was the inspirer of this style?
We wanted to create shoes that`d be true statement piece, and almost as comfortable as sneakers. We were searching for a classic style everybody likes, but putting it in modern times and style we like. Our starting point was classic oxford shoe, but we redesign it and made ABO classic perforated shoe, and we put on it bunch of amazing colors. And that`d be ABO`s distinctive signature! Everybody likes to see beautiful classic style shoes in such beautiful colors. It`s at the same time brave and safe choice, that`s ABO.

5. Which kind of fabric do You use for sewing Your shoes?
ABO shoes are 100% natural leather, and that includes upper part of the shoe and linen, our soles are stitched and also made of leather. Sometimes we use glitter or floral fabrics for some part of the shoes, but in most cases our shoes are made entirely out of leather.

6. Which result you’d prefer to achieve? – to see your product on almost every girl and be popular as much as Zara/H&M is or to have not so many customers, but very privileged, and be more a niche brand?
It`s very important for us to maintain the high quality we have, as the brand grows. So, we don`t seek high popularity. Also, very important to say is that we produce limited series per color combination, so it means you probably won`t meet another person wearing ABO`s just like yours. Being original and unique is something we`d like to stick to.

7. Do You collaborate with bloggers?
As we have such a limited production, we are able to sell every single shoe we produce. But as we speak, we are trying to grow and so we would like to make the next step collaborating with bloggers and making our production and our audience larger.

8. Which social networks are you using to promote your brand?
Our main platform is Instagram at the moment, and we enjoy it the most. It`s the easiest way to interact with our followers, what we really like. Then there is FB and Pinterest. ABO shoes are very popular among Pinners as well.

9. Your Instagram is really cool! Do you have any special strategy in Instagram posting, some precise system or is it every time unscheduled and extemporaneous?
We`d like to be as spontaneous as possible, we`d like to keep this business as playful and fun as possible. So, we interact with our customers and followers, we listen to what they like and what they react to, and we want them to have fun with us. That`s what`s most important. We have fun creating ABO shoes and our Ig posts, and it shows!

10. Do you use your Instagram as sales channel or only to show the product?!
We use Ig to show what`s new with ABO, to suggest what to wear with ABO`s, what`s inspiring for us, to interact with our followers and to promote our shops.

11. Who is the customer of your dream?
We just want to share a joy of life, positive energy, magic of each step, so every person that wants to share that with ABO is precious for us.

12. Where is possible to buy Your shoes? (offline and on-line stores or showrooms)
Beside our online shop www.abo-shoes.com, you can buy ABO`s only at our Belgrade shop so far. But when in Belgrade, make sure you visit us. Our small shop is located at beautiful, historical part of downtown called Kosancicev Venac.

13. Do customers buy more online or offline?
We have been selling ABO shoes from the very beginning at our Belgrade shop and ABO is one of the most popular fashion brand in our country and region. Our online shop is newly opened, but it`s equal with our Belgrade store from the moment it was opened in November last year, regarding the sales. To describe how popular ABO is, we have to legally deal with brands that copy ABO design and brand for couple of years, and fight for our image and our dear customers who want to stay unique.

14. What is the next step for developing your brand?
We are carefully expanding towards the world, and hope to keep our freshness and ever changing color combinations for our customers. Also, we are working on ABO sneakers and first ABO high heel shoes. We have many new designs planned, it`d be exciting new season.

15. How do you see your brand in five years?
The main focus is to grow but keep the quality and originality at very high level, we are already well known for. We`ll be focusing on producing larger amount of shoes but keeping it in limited series so everyone can have a pair of ABO`s but still everyone`s wearing different ones!