Eyebrow subject is quite actual according the brows are main accent on the face in top make-up of this year. A lot of products – gels, mascaras and pomades are very popular on the MUA market now. Before we never had so generous range. The era of  “pattern” brows had passed and the most trendy eyebrows for now are wide, thick, bushy and rich natural a little brushed up. But not everybody can let themselves a modern brows – tattoo, to much pulled out some day brows not looks wild and natural and it is a huge problem for a lot of women. And what we have to do? – you will ask me as a brow specialist

I prefer a make up, not permanent ways.. Because any  even the best tattoo with passing of time,  later or earlier became a new huge problem. So about MU-items! For the brows that have an unattractive colour after tattoo I recommended gels and pomades – its textures are  pretty stout to mask paled tones of the rest of tattoo. For more volume – use  special browshadows they looks natural and very easy in using  – it helps to paint almost any shapes you want, for finish – fix it with mascara. For the most naughty hairs use wax pencil – it fixes everything!

About techniques  – ombre style is trendy not only for lips and for eyebrows as well. Soft gradient from lighter tone to the darker and the darkest. it looks amazing with right colours and textures! The beginning of a brow must be the lightest and very soft – use shadows, the middle part must be a darker and more structured and the tale should be the darkest and the neatest – use for this part a good cloistered pencil.

And of course don’t forget about treatment! Do it like your everynight carrying about face – put your night cream, undreeyes cream and brow serum in 1 one month only you will the huge difference!

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Illustrated by Nastya Gry