I’ve not been to Amalfi since a while! And one day when I expect nothing interesting I’d received a surprise! In a few hours I’ve been already flying in helicopter around Vesuvio on the way to the most beautiful coast of Italy!



Amalfi is the seaside town on the south of Italy! The town is not so big by itself but fifty kilometers of coastline has a lot of amazing hotels!


I want to clarify from the very beginning that here you’ll not find classic beach vacation! The most important part is amazing view and swimming pool with endless effect!



But don’t be upset as only 40 min by boat (that is going every hour from Amalfi marina) is located Capri island with big quantity of small beaches!
Today I’ll write about my favorite hotel! Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa is located just ten minutes by car from Amalfi!




From the very beginning it was woman monastery that was built at the end of XVII century! But the nuns left it at the beginning of XVIIII century!





Bianca Sharma bought it in 1999 and spend more then ten years to restore it!




There are only twenty rooms in the Monastero Santa Rosa and each named by the name of one plant that’s growing up in the gardens! Amazing view will catch your eyes almost at every corner of the hotel territory!






The most famous dessert in Amalfi is “Sfogliatella Santa Rosa”! It was invented in this monastery and now is well known all around Italy! It was served at breakfast every morning! (After I’ve tried it everywhere but still at this hotel they have probably their own receipt)


Like I wrote before Amalfi town by itself is not very big! One day will be enough to make a small tour and after just to stay for the dinner!





There is one more incredible city on this coast – Positano! It is located only thirty minutes by car or by boat from Amalfi!


Here btw you can find the only one real wide beach with the send and water of unbelievable color! Positano, like the most towns on the coast, is located on the cliffs descending to the sea! So forget about high heels and platform shoes! Only sandals will allow you to enjoy the walk around this little beautiful place!
For aperitivo I would strongly recommend to go to Il San Pietro di Positano hotel! They have one of the most beautiful terrace I’ve ever seen! Lovely view and my favorite hand painted ceramic tables with benches! Bellini was delicious!


On the way to Napoli (I know that you’ll go to Napoli as it has the nearest train station and airport) pass through Ravello!


This place is beautiful the same way as Amalfi and Positano! If you decided to stay for one night then book Villa Cimbrone – one of the most famous villa/hotel! Or at least buy ticket for 7 euro and go to watch it’s ancient garden!


In Palazzo Avino hotel you can stay even for one week! It’s like resort!
I’m pretty sure that you’ll pay attention how everything around is decorated by hand-painted ceramic! Walls, tables, benches and even domes of churches! It’s so beautiful and exotic for my eyes that I wanted to take home at least small plate!


In Ravello I met one artist that creates amazing local products! His name is Pasquale and the name of the shop is Pascal Ceramics! Just tell this name to any local person and he will show you the way!
This trip will be unforgettable and after you’ll have only one wish – to come back again! Have a good vacation!