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Cushion Blush Subtil

Cushion Blush is relatively new to the beauty market, but it’s really worth checking out. All of us have already tried powder, creamy and even water tint items for cheeks, but this “sponge-to-sponge” method is something really special, fresh and exciting!

Cushion Blush Subtil is definitely an intriguing product because of the light reflecting particles in its composition, that make the line of application absolutely invisible from all angles, even under all kinds of lights. You can also skip the use of a highlighter if you want to, with these blushes you can get the look of natural freshness on your face!
The product honestly lives up to its name, its indeed very subtil(subtle), both in its look and feeling! One other great thing about the Cushion Blush is the absence of that sticky feeling you usually get after application; there are a lot of creamy blushes that still give you that effect, and it’s honestly one of the worst characteristics of any make up item!

All the tones that come in Cushion Blush Subtil pallets are analogs of natural blushy skin tone types! Because of the “sponge-to-sponge” method you won’t have any trouble with the blending process! It’s just impossible to overuse the product with this kind of an applicator! If you’re looking to add some intensive color, like for an evening look, you can just put multiple layers and voila!
Let’s talk about some specifics and general feelings about magic Cushion. The blush itself is extremely gentle and has a light and tender surface. There are a lot of good things you can say about this product, but when you finally make that decision to add it to your arsenal, make sure to find a place for it in your everyday purse, because our persistence test showed us that you’re going to need to fix your cheeks during the day!


Illustrated by Nasty Gry


The history behind HelenaSAI brand jewelry is one that started as a child’s curiosity, continued as a teenagers hobby and at last became the designer’s life’s work. The mastermind behind her creation, Elena Podtopta was born in a family of geologists and at an early age started collecting different kinds of minerals. She learned the history of the precious stones as well as studied and observed the various properties of her precious holdings. Elena continued to show her affection through her time at the University, where she studied rock formations as well as ecology. While keeping her love for minerals, a young Ms.Podtopta found a new passion, traveling the world and exploring it’s intricate and varied architecture, this combination became the inspiration to her becoming a designer. After working tirelessly as a creative designer at a creative architecture firm, Elena’s ambition for the art’s as well as the thirst to try something new, combined with her long love for jewelry finally led her to create her own brand, this is how HelenaSAI was born, only four years ago.


At first the brand was responsible for wholesale jewels, which were handpicked and imported from Europe to the Ukrainian market. Later on that wasn’t enough for the brand’s creator, Elena decided to spice things up and started creating her own work. Handmade jewels, which held a beautiful mineral accent in them, something the designer had cherished and loved since childhood.

Today the premium jewel brand HelenaSAI has their work in twenty different locations all around Ukraine, including a concept art spot in Switzerland and other European countries. That’s not including her main showroom in Kiev, where she works alongside ten like-minded individuals like herself.



The defining features in HelenaSAI jewels are natural, precious and semi precious gems. Ultramarine, agate, garnet, ruby, amethyst, citrine, dory, quartz, rauchtopaz and labradorite stones are some of many that can be found within her collection, which has garnered attention from well known magazines like Vogue and L’Officiel.



“I always felt like working with artificial materials wasn’t something I was cut out to do, I wanted something more. Beside the beauty of the jewels, there had to be a certain meaning to them. Gems were the missing parts that really gave me the unique opportunity to fulfill my dreams into reality”- is how Elena describes her philosophy behind her work. That’s exactly why the creations of the designer can be seen as not only fantastic jewel pieces, but also as talismans. These precious stones are charged with a special type energy, that has to align with it’s owners aesthetic. When each part of the puzzle is put in place, the created works look great as an accessory to the person, but also effect their mood in a positive direction.



In some way for the same reason, the brand doesn’t heavily rely on sales through social media. Their Instagram account, which is @helena_sai_ serves as more of a moodboard and a way to get the word out there, while introducing the person to the brand, showing of their new releases and of course creating the desire inside someone for their amazing jewelry. The people behind HelenaSAI are really vocal about the main feature in their products, which are the natural stones, with their respective properties. When shopping with them, make sure to touch and really feel the stones. At first contact you will feel the coldness of the gems in your hands, followed by their gradual warmth, sometimes they even change their color tone!



“We frequently ask that our gems be laid outside of the display where they are being sold, even under such a seemingly ineffective barrier the stones can change their original look” – is what folks from HelenaSAI tell us, they do however add ” We’re also really looking into expanding our Instagram outreach, we’ve teamed up with a professional recently, who’s sole focus will be on the platform”.



We could also mention some of the new and known merchandise from the brand. The transformer-bead with a detachable tassel, which depending on your mood and destination can be changed into a bracelet is a prime example of one of their works. The price for this particular piece ranges from 80$ to 220$. Something else that stands out from their collection are the tassel earrings, which are accompanied by a variety of beautiful stones. The brand not only takes care of their stones, but also pays close attention to other materials used in the process of creation. For small parts they use a special medicinal alloy, which is completely allergy-free, tested on and by the designers and creators themselves!




Elena’s ambitious plans don’t stop here, she’s currently working to develop her new website, which she hopes will see the same level of success as her jewel brand as well as expand to the global stage! Right now it’s an online market place, that also serves as a platform to inform people about the current and upcoming fashion trends in the jewelry scene. The creator and designer behind all of this would really love to work with well known fashion houses and world renown jewelry brands like Boucheron or Mikimoto. We wish that she will be able to accomplish this and much more!




Grandiose Liner by Lancome

The newly released and already critically acclaimed eyeliner from Lancome, labeled Grandiose Liner definitely deserves a place in your makeup bag, even if it’s not that spacious.

The main feature of this eyeliner is the applicator, that has the option to flex up to thirty five degrees to both sides. Lisa Eldridge, the world famous beauty blogger and currently the global creative director at Lancome states that the thirty five degree angle is ideal for comfortable drawing of the eye line of all difficulties. The product feels quite impressive, it gives a great matted, almost velvet finish, which shades crystal pigments and gives your eyes a saturated look.
It’s extremely durable! After you use it in the morning, your eyes will keep their stunning look until sundown, without small cracks even on the inside edges. Those with oily skin have nothing to be afraid of, you won’t be seeing the usual imprint that eyeliners leave on your upper eyelids while using the Grandiose Liner.

The secret is in the wax foundation that the formula is built on. There is however another side to this great product, girls who aren’t experienced in applying the “cat eye technique” with the swiftness of a samurai’s sword, won’t be able to use this product effectively. Lancome’s fast drying formula is unforgiving when it comes to mistakes in it’s application. You won’t be able to use a wet napkin to carefully remove an unneeded touch that you made. So you’re definitely going to need to sharpen up your “cat eye” skills!

Taking off the Grandiose Liner is a breeze! All you need is some warm water and careful moving motions, no extreme force is needed here. You’re also not going to need any oily makeup removers, that some other eyeliners require.

The last compelling argument, which really delivers the final blow is the design of the eyeliner that matches the product’s capabilities so well! There’s no arguing to the fact that Grandiose Liner by Lancome have the greatest and best looking bottle design of all existing eyeliners on the market!

Grandiose Liner by Lancome - Illustrated by Nasty Gry

Illustrated by Nasty Gry


This time we decide to write about very cool handbag brand from Korea “JumpFromPaper”! Read our interview with creators of purses and bags, that look like cartoon characters!

1.Your brand is “made in…?”

JumpFromPaper is a Taipei-based fashion accessory brand.

2. Who is the team behind “JumpfromPaper”?
We’re a bunch of lovers of design, most of us are in fashion and/or graphic designers.


3. How many years has your brand been in existence?
JumpFromPaper started in 2010 and has been operating for 6 years since then.

4. How did the idea of such bags appear? Who or what was the inspirer of this style?
Our creation and design are both inspired from “ kids of the internet age “, who’ve grown up on the Internet and are obsessed with social media. We’re inspired by the music, art, and design from young artists like us.


5. Which kind of fabric do you use for sewing your bags?
Polyester is our favorite material because it shines! We’re also trying to introduce some new components like woolen and PU leather.

6. Which result you’d prefer to achieve? To see your product on almost every girl and be popular such as Zara/H&M or to have fewer customers, but retain your brand as privileged and niche?
We want to keep sharing our fun ideas, that’s our motivation and will always be our goal. Being popular or niche is not our main focus.


7. Do You collaborate with bloggers?
Yes, we collaborate with people who have unique styles,that’s very important to us.

8. Which social networks are you using to promote your brand?
Facebook and Instagram are the new business cards of today! We’re been very into creating “stories” recently.


9. You Instagram is really cool! Do you have any special strategy in Instagram posting, some precise system or is it every time unscheduled and extemporaneous?
We post when we have new and exciting news that we love to share!

10. Who is the customer of your dream?
hmmm We love Miley and Rihanna, like a lot!


11. Where is it possible to buy Your bags? (offline and on-line stores or showrooms)
Shop on

12. Do customers buy more online or offline?


13. What is the next step for developing your brand?
Keep the fun ideas going!

14. How do you see your brand in five years?
Hopefully get to do more interesting projects and collaborations !

And all team of EatDressTravel wish You, guys, inspiration to the best ideas and successful implementation of that!





Elena Vladi about the Fall beauty-trends

Since autumn is right on our doorstep, let’s talk about fashion trends of the upcoming season! This fall’s hot topic can be seen in a Gothic style makeup approach! Today we’re going to take apart each and every detail of the style, and see how to effectively apply its vivid features into your everyday routine! If we’re talking about gothic themed lipstick colors, those of blackberry, blueberry, dark cherry, dark wine and dark purple vibes are perfect. While you’re touching up around your eyes, don’t forget to include black or grey colors. When working around your eyelashes, it’s becoming increasingly popular to highlight your eyes by using a dot to dot method that follows the countered growth of your eyelashes, instead of the usual routine of applying it in a straight line. Using mascara to add an effect of sticky eyelashes is also a plus, the whole look is supposed to give off a bit of a messy vibe, which gives you a sort of eerie look to your eyes.

Metallic colored shades are also a big hit with this season’s fashion. When applying them don’t forget to put an accent on the upper moving eyelid, and slightly drive it into your skin while doing so. The most important rule in the gothic style makeup is focusing our accent on one of our features, which means if we’re highlighting our eyes, we need to use a transparent shine for the lipstick. Likewise if our lips are going to have a dark color to them, the eyes are going to need to have a no makeup look. Let’s talk about eyebrows, which are still on the peak of their popularity. We’re going to need to give them a natural look, which means thickness and sharpness need to be present. For those who haven’t tried it out, I recommend using a fabulous product for your brows which is simply called “Wonder Brow”, it’s irreplaceable under humid weather conditions which are bound to hit soon. Glitters, highlighters and products that give a bleak look to your skin are still in the mainstream. Only a couple more days, and we’re going to see the new season begin with glamorous parties, romantic dates and get togethers with friends after summer vacation time. I hope everyone keeps looking fabulous and stylish as always!


Illustrated by Nasty Gry

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