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Diana Kupavtsova about highlighting!

Today I’m going to tell you how to correctly and with style get your beautiful shine, stunning glow and the perfect glimmer on your skin. Each and every woman has heard of shimmers, illuminators and glitters, however the details of what they are used for and how to properly apply them are sometimes not fully understood, so today, I’m going to explain everything to you. This is something that is quite important today, because of the boom in the technique that we now call strobing. Let’s get to the details and really pick apart the ins and outs of these accessories.

Both the shimmer and the illuminator come in different types and sizes. They can be gel made, friable, powder or liquid based, as well as made into a cream. Tiny reflective particles of different colors are found inside, which give you this light twinkling look, creating my favorite highlighting effect of the skin from the inside. The products themselves don’t contain any intensive pigments, but can however possess a basic translucent color that can have a cold or warm tone.

What differentiates the shimmer from the illuminator is the size of the color reflective particles, the former containing those of larger size. Using an illuminator is perfect for day in and day out make up routines, while a shimmer should be saved until nighttime arrives. The products are perfect for spreading your skin lighting pattern, all you have to do is apply it to your cheeks, forehead, chin and under brows. You can also add some visual volume to your lips by putting some of the substance around the countour of your upper lip.

The glitter is going to have a dry texture, and a crispy shine to it, professional brands of makeup are usually going to have a special liquid that goes with the product, so when combined together the mixture stays strong and persists throughout the day. Usually glitter is going to be used to create a special effect on your makeup, for a scenic or creative look, it’s also going to contain shiny and color reflective particles. I love to experiment with it by adding some elements into my nightly makeup routine. Spicing things up with your colored glitter, along the lines of your classic black eyeliner can really give you a stunning and brave effect.

But remember, there is always a limit! You have to be careful with the amount of product you use, you don’t want to go outside looking like a Christmas Tree.


Illustrated by Nastya Gry

Editor-in-chief l’Officiel Online Dasha Zarivnaya: “Printed Magazines Vs Digital Sources”

The discussion about the “Death of Print Media” has gone on for god knows how long, and even thought three years ago everyone was sure print would be dead sooner or later, it has somehow managed to keep afloat. When I first started working at L’Officiel, I went to Paris to visit the famed Jalou publishing house, it was important for me to get to know to my French colleagues, and perhaps hear something that would bring some insight into my job. When asked about the possible demise of his magazine, Patrick Cabasse, the deputy director of the fashion division gave me an intriguing answer “Print news will probably cease to exist- it’s losing its fight against digital media too quickly. Glossy magazines however, won’t be following in its footsteps. Every mag is like a book for your coffee table. You lay down a huge and heavy manual on your stand, begin your morning ritual with it, read through it, drink your coffee. Then you leave for work, and when you get back home, you check up on the magazine again right before going to sleep, while sipping on some tea. A monthly issue that’s filled with content could keep you occupied for weeks. Also photoshoots, they’re just so much better on gloss, than they are on small smartphone screens.”

The way he said “Coffee table book” really stuck in my head, and I use it shamelessly when the question about the livelihood of print comes up. So no, I honestly think that the classic glossy mag will survive. Let’s talk about the pros and cons. It’s hard to give an objective answer since I’m very much digitally inclined, I don’t buy and don’t read print press, because I don’t see anything it brings to the table that really gives it an edge over digital news. There are some people among my friends that see it as important, to hold printed news at their fingertips, smell the fresh scent of the typographic paint, turn pages. I have a jittery, quick and sometimes edgy personality. I like to skim through the news feed, save the long reads that interest me, and come back to them when I have the time. I’m not a visual person, but that’s the best way to deal with visual content- I see a site layout I like, a collage, or a good looking photoshoot that’s done in an unorthodox technique, I just make a screenshot and send it to the person I want to share it with.

There is only one con to the digital media side which I dislike, people really tend to not read long texts. I see it on our website, I irritably notice myself not having the courage to scroll down and finish informative and witty reads as well. Push Notifications are coming out of everywhere, messages from texting apps, social media notifications are clogging everything and can be so distracting when you’re trying to focus on reading something that isn’t 140 words long. Even attentive and collected people can’t keep their center of attention, and I surely can’t compete with them in that department. Unfortunately, this downside to digital media isn’t really compensated in printed press. You’re still going to get spammed by notifications from the virtual world while you’re reading an in-depth article in the New Yorker. And the vibrating phone or tablet that you silenced just for this occasion will still be bothering you, just as much as before. This is all connected to the major excess of information in our modern world, and we’re probably just going to have to deal with it.


Art Installation

What: RedBall Project
Who: Kurt Perschke
Where: 20 states of USA


Gold-plated crystal earrings

Marni’s earrings are the pair of contemporary drop silhouette that subtly elongates your neck with vibrant emerald and clear crystals. Crafted in Italy from gold-plated brass, they’re designed with . It could be a outstanding detail on your casual looks or sophisticated additional for evening outfit. The Green color of stones is a win-win choice for eyes of any tone! Also you can choose to be contrast with a bloody-red lipstick or move color accent only on your earring by nude make-up! We suppose to wear this pair with snowy white boyfriend shirt and, classic shorts, patent slippers and bun hairstyle to office! Let us know about your ideas in the comments!

Elena Vladi about perfect lipstick color

Girls, let’s talk about the question that’s always stuck in our mind: “Which lipstick looks good on me? :)”.
Specialists conditionally split all people into 4 different color types: fall, winter, summer and spring. Also mixed ones exist, but we’ll talk about that later.

A Winter Lady, is a girl with dark brown, black, charcoal, or dirty blond hair color, with bright skin; sometimes the tone can be darker, and if it does, it will have a more olive colored touch to it. Ladies with this kind of color tone have thick, beautiful brows. The color of their eyes can be green, blue, brown, but the color is always clear, without any impurities. There is also a very strong contrast between the apple in your eye and your sclera. The Ideal lipstick for the Winter look (remember, only cold shades!): dark maroon, cherry, plum or blueberry colored, cold tones of beige as well as red. I recommend: Inglot 516 or Kiko 605.

A female Summer look consists of a summer colored vibe, it’s also a bit cold, but not as harsh. Your hair is always going to have an ashy look to it, no matter what the color is going to be, brows also won’t be as thick as the winter look, your face color will look pale at times, sometimes having a pink cheek. Eyes are always going to have some grey, greyish blue, greyish green, The Summer color type needs to stay clear of bright lipstick colors. Saturated, but at the same time subdued lipstick tones are ideal, as well as nude shades, cold pink, and the color of a tea rose.I recommend: Givenchy 207, Inglot 26.

Fall type woman – red hair beauties with charmy sunspots^ bright eyes and warm skin tones. Thise type You can meet no so often and the ladies are very rememberable. Their colors are brown, coral, but not pink pallets. I recommend – Givenchy 308, ElizabethArden 12.

Spring-blonde girls with bright blue, green or brown eyes are going to have a warm tone on their skin, which tans very well on the sun. Their hair also has the tendency to burn out if exposed to the sun, which is going to give them that beautiful “Ombre” effect. Ideal tones are either corral, scarlet or warm shades of pink. Recommended lipsticks are: Guerlain 343, Giorgio Armani 300 (Pop).


Illustrated by Nasty Gry

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