BENEFIT has long been recognized as a company that really flaunts their products with amazing decor. It’ extremely hard to not get dazzled by their sleek lipstick set, which comes in a chique, compact bag. The complete set holds four different lipsticks with their own tones, which in addition have two sides on each of them, a lighter(with an even surface) and a darker(with a sharp surface) toned one. This enables you to recreate that luscious color with an ombre effect that you’re looking for in one single stroke, effectively adding volume your lips.

The manufacturer is obviously trying to create the perfect product, but sometimes it just doesn’t live up to its standards. The lipstick seems too thin to cover the area of the lips in one stroke, which in turn forces you to go over it again and mess with the colors, after that you’re going to need to blend it out with something like a brush or a cotton swap. That’s why grabbing one of these babies with you on the go for a quick touch up won’t be the greatest idea, even though they are quite comfortable to carry around because of their compact size.

The texture overall seems fairly solid and has a pleasant feel to it. It’s got a wonderful scent to it as well, gentle and not too strong. Fares pretty good in terms of staying on throughout the day. I feel like this set can be a great gift, it looks bright and has an interesting idea behind it, so the visual itself is bound to give off that WOW effect.


Illustrated by Nasty Gry