Like all the other premium makeup brands, Chanel has long held a tradition to present us with new and exciting products that are specially tailored for the holiday spirit! New Years and Christmas are right around the corner, so Lucia Pica, the creative makeup director of the brand really dazed us with some special this year around! She released an amazing line of make-up that incorporates city landscapes, thats something that really isn’t Christmas themed, so it totally caught us by surprise!

You wont find tinsels or snowflakes on the minimalistic cover of the product, and the color pallet has this vivid and urban color scheme, which encompasses colors that resemble those of city windows, building cement and skyscraper metal. The same can be said about the texture of the newly released product, which brandishes the name Architectonic, it’s got a great set of matte, glamour and sparkling shades to it!

Something that really deserves some praise is the charcoal-black highlighter with the name Hyperblack, it’s ergonomics are in full order and allow even unexperienced makeup practitioners to draw beautiful highlights with ease!
The secret lies within the physical form of the marker, which is cut in the most precise angle at it’s tip! It’s cream consistency allows you to remove the formula with just a splash of tepid water, no serious removers required!
The line also presents some delicious lipstick! The very well known and beloved shades of Ultraberry and Ultrarose are available in their limited editions, as well as the nude and coral shines, along with a very sturdy stick which brandishes a fiery orange tone. For your manicure sessions there are three different choices available: a soft pink, the glamorous magenta and the asphalt grey along with a shimmer.

As Lucia puts it, the most poignant combination of holiday makeup is going to be worn with silver glass shade on it, and that is going to look on point with the perfect dynamic fusion on your lips!
All the other grey tones can be used for everyday makeup combos during the year since they are all easily applicable and readily available!


Illustrated by Nasty Gry