Summer is in full swing! That’s why I decided to give you some tips on organization of the perfect trip!

1. Flight!

So you Do you choose the route and want to know is there a direct flight? Are the budget airlines flying on this direction?! There is a website for these goals which compares prices of the airlines from all over the world and can find the most suitable flight for you among all presented! Choose your country, language, currency and then enter the direction of the flight! It’s often happened that you may not even know that this month the new flight to Ibiza was just opened from your country for summer time moreover the tickets is still available and here’s what Skyscanner is for!

2. Accommodation (hotels).

If you want to find a hotel at the possibly lowest price, you have to visit! This website is made special to compare the prices of all companies (such as and show you the cheapest offer! Because well-loved Booking is not always offer the cheapest price and sometimes difference reaches 50%! So just enter the name of the hotel or the name of the city you want to visit and choose the right offer based on price and reviews!

3. Accommodation (apartments).

Apartment is also a good variant especially when you go somewhere for more than a week and want to eat not only in restaurants but at home as well! – here you can choose an apartment based on all of your preferences! But remember that in different countries you can get different service! The apartment not always can be clean and prepared for tourists! In Italy you can get even a fresh cake but in USA you can be very disappointed because it’s very often happened that the host live at the same apartment that he’s renting out (by the way, he also can rent this flat) and he can spend this period of time at his friend’s place in order to earn some money, so the apartment can be left in inappropriate conditions with dirty dishes and a little unclean! Always check the reviews!

4. Restaurants! Cafés! Bars!

Here I’ll tell you about two helpers! and app for mobile phone Michelin Guide 2017 (Europe, Brazil, USA etc.) will always help you to choose the best restaurant!

Food is very important especially when you are at vacation and everything around is so new and tasty! But you can be disappointed very often and moreover you can pay a big bill! I definitely don’t like to leave the table disappointed and hungry! is never string me wrong in this case and it has to be said that I travel a lot! Here you can read reviews not only about restaurants but also about hotels, sightseeing, attractions, beaches etc. As for me I use this app only to get advice about food!

If you looking for a place to eat, you just need to enter the name of the city, preferable cuisine and the 4,5 review scale and if you are near some restaurant then enter its name and read reviews! It’s very important to pay attention on the amount of the reviews because 3 or 4 commentaries can’t acquire a complete picture of this place. I’m sure that can be exceptions but this app doesn’t string me wrong in 99 cases of 100.

Michelin Guide 2017 (Europe, Brazil, USA etc.) is for grand gourmet lovers!

This is an App for mobile phone which tells you where the best restaurants are! Michelin doesnt always mean fancy and long dinners! It’s often happened that you can’t even know that the restaurant has one Michelin star and you can get a table on a first-come first-served basis!

5. Travelling by car?

Google Maps and WAZE will save you from crazy traffics 100%. Whenever I’m going somewhere I always check the root with one of this apps as they will immediately move me to parallel road and save me from the two hours traffic!

Today these are the best websites and apps which were made for easy organization of your vacation and leisure time! So you can organize super summer by yourself and do it in the way you want to!