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What I suggest to do in Italy? Read in Marie Claire!

Read my new article in Marie Claire July about #MyItaly 🇮🇹 Where to taste an amazing pizza or to make super shopping @tessabit @gebnegozionline 👌🏻🏻😉

Your vacation at Como lake! Check at!

Your vacation at Como lake! Check at!
All what you need to know about Como lake is written here at! Unfortunately its in russian or ukrainian languages but all names are in English so youll not miss anything!
Enjoy your Como vacation! #MyItaly

Just one day from a blogger life in NY

For somebody “blogger” means something oldish and not interesting but for another part of the world it’s still something super new! New bloggers are appearing every day and every minute around the world no matter what people are talking about this trend!

Also it’s well known that it’s almost impossible to make from the first shot all these beautiful and magic pictures that you see in Instagram, FB and blogs. So together with and TinaRosh (director) we decided to make a “little bit” comic video that will show you one day of a blogger. So we spent whole day in NY streets and look what’s happened! :))

Check full version at Cools and have fun!

The last day of Cannes Film Festival

Anastasiia Masiutkina D'Amrosio at Cannes Film Festival 2017

This year Cannes Film Festival celebrated its 70th anniversary! I came just for the last two days but I feel like I’ve been there for one week. So many beautiful events, premieres and parties were going on around Cannes.

I want to say big thanks to the talented designer João Rôlo for my amazing dress @joao_rolo_couture ❤️

And the most interesting thing is that you are coming to this festival with one amount of invitations but at the end you are visiting ten times more events then you’ve planed before! It’s like a vortex that put you inside and let you go only after the red carpet is packed! 😉

See you next year #CannesFilmFestival

#CosmopolitanAwards2017 – it was unforgettable!

Anastasiia Masiutkina D'Amrosio and Yurii Gorbunov - Cosmopolitan Awards 2017 hosts

Just few days ago Cosmopolitan Ukraine announced the winners in 7 categories and I was happy to congratulate the winners on the scene.

Read more about #CosmopolitanAwards2017 evening at, and

Anastasiia Masiutkina D'Amrosio and Yurii Gorbunov - Cosmopolitan Awards 2017 hosts

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