Cushion Blush is relatively new to the beauty market, but it’s really worth checking out. All of us have already tried powder, creamy and even water tint items for cheeks, but this “sponge-to-sponge” method is something really special, fresh and exciting!

Cushion Blush Subtil is definitely an intriguing product because of the light reflecting particles in its composition, that make the line of application absolutely invisible from all angles, even under all kinds of lights. You can also skip the use of a highlighter if you want to, with these blushes you can get the look of natural freshness on your face!
The product honestly lives up to its name, its indeed very subtil(subtle), both in its look and feeling! One other great thing about the Cushion Blush is the absence of that sticky feeling you usually get after application; there are a lot of creamy blushes that still give you that effect, and it’s honestly one of the worst characteristics of any make up item!

All the tones that come in Cushion Blush Subtil pallets are analogs of natural blushy skin tone types! Because of the “sponge-to-sponge” method you won’t have any trouble with the blending process! It’s just impossible to overuse the product with this kind of an applicator! If you’re looking to add some intensive color, like for an evening look, you can just put multiple layers and voila!
Let’s talk about some specifics and general feelings about magic Cushion. The blush itself is extremely gentle and has a light and tender surface. There are a lot of good things you can say about this product, but when you finally make that decision to add it to your arsenal, make sure to find a place for it in your everyday purse, because our persistence test showed us that you’re going to need to fix your cheeks during the day!


Illustrated by Nasty Gry