Today I’m going to tell you how to correctly and with style get your beautiful shine, stunning glow and the perfect glimmer on your skin. Each and every woman has heard of shimmers, illuminators and glitters, however the details of what they are used for and how to properly apply them are sometimes not fully understood, so today, I’m going to explain everything to you. This is something that is quite important today, because of the boom in the technique that we now call strobing. Let’s get to the details and really pick apart the ins and outs of these accessories.

Both the shimmer and the illuminator come in different types and sizes. They can be gel made, friable, powder or liquid based, as well as made into a cream. Tiny reflective particles of different colors are found inside, which give you this light twinkling look, creating my favorite highlighting effect of the skin from the inside. The products themselves don’t contain any intensive pigments, but can however possess a basic translucent color that can have a cold or warm tone.

What differentiates the shimmer from the illuminator is the size of the color reflective particles, the former containing those of larger size. Using an illuminator is perfect for day in and day out make up routines, while a shimmer should be saved until nighttime arrives. The products are perfect for spreading your skin lighting pattern, all you have to do is apply it to your cheeks, forehead, chin and under brows. You can also add some visual volume to your lips by putting some of the substance around the countour of your upper lip.

The glitter is going to have a dry texture, and a crispy shine to it, professional brands of makeup are usually going to have a special liquid that goes with the product, so when combined together the mixture stays strong and persists throughout the day. Usually glitter is going to be used to create a special effect on your makeup, for a scenic or creative look, it’s also going to contain shiny and color reflective particles. I love to experiment with it by adding some elements into my nightly makeup routine. Spicing things up with your colored glitter, along the lines of your classic black eyeliner can really give you a stunning and brave effect.

But remember, there is always a limit! You have to be careful with the amount of product you use, you don’t want to go outside looking like a Christmas Tree.


Illustrated by Nastya Gry