Dior Nude Air – is the lightest foundation serum for now. It is absolutely new word in the world of tonal products. The serum makes your skin absolutely flawless and the most pleasant you can’t feel this cream on your face. We like to apply it ! Its very bendable and has amazing refreshing smell – its great foundation for summer when to make up is always problem because it makes a “mask on the face” filling. To avoid this effect Dior Nude Air was invented. Despite the lightest texture the cream has matt finish so can be calm about fat shining face.
You can apply it by brush, sponge or fingers. We prefer fingers!) Just a few drops of product and a base for your makeup is ready. One bottle you can use a very long period because its really flexible consistence and for all face you need a very small amount of it.
Dior Nude Air+wet effect lip gloss+natural cared brows=you ready for swimming pool parties season!