Summer is finally reaching its peak! Right now is the perfect time for a nice vacation, hot summer parties and stress-free chill out sessions! All of this requires a different approach to your daily makeup routine. In the summer I prefer to not overuse my cosmetics and I really stay clear of dense tonal foundations.

So usually what I have for the day is thermal water (I’ve been using “Avene” for some time now), it’s great at moisturizing your skin, comes in a comfortable package and doesn’t spoil your makeup. You can apply it to your skin as much as you like to keep yourself looking fresh and to help you deal with sizzling summer heat.

For everyday use, to keep your skin tone looking smooth, I recommend using liquid foundation from “Elizabeth Adren” or the miracle cushion from “Lancome”. They’re really light, texture wise, let your skin breathe and most importantly, they contain components that protect you from those negative sun rays that can damage your precious skin. I really wouldn’t recommend using loose powder makeup in the summer, it’s better to replace it with blotting paper, like the “Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper”. You always want to highlight your tanned skin in the summer, especially if you’re thinking of going out for the night, so you should be using a bronzer around for your cheeks I prefer to use “Guerlain”.

I also want to recommend a great water-resistant tonal cream if you’re having a pool party or a photo session in the summer heat, professional French makeup line “Make Up Atelier” is the one that works best, you have nothing to worry about and can swim and look amazing with it on.

To top it off, they also have a water-resistant liquid highlighter. You’re going to want to use either crisp or creamy shades, “MAC” and “Givenchy Ombre Couture” shades look beautiful in the summer.

Now let’s move on to the brows. It’s not a secret these days’ brows are basically the most important element of a fashionable look. In the summer I would suggest that using gels and Mascara is necessary, make sure that they have shine and pearl, they’re going to look great with the sun highlighting them, I recommend “AnastasiaBeverlyHills”. Bright and juicy lipstick is a must have this summer season! Make sure they make you and those around you feel great!

The main concept of the Summer makeup look HAS to be freshness and gloss!