Since autumn is right on our doorstep, let’s talk about fashion trends of the upcoming season! This fall’s hot topic can be seen in a Gothic style makeup approach! Today we’re going to take apart each and every detail of the style, and see how to effectively apply its vivid features into your everyday routine! If we’re talking about gothic themed lipstick colors, those of blackberry, blueberry, dark cherry, dark wine and dark purple vibes are perfect. While you’re touching up around your eyes, don’t forget to include black or grey colors. When working around your eyelashes, it’s becoming increasingly popular to highlight your eyes by using a dot to dot method that follows the countered growth of your eyelashes, instead of the usual routine of applying it in a straight line. Using mascara to add an effect of sticky eyelashes is also a plus, the whole look is supposed to give off a bit of a messy vibe, which gives you a sort of eerie look to your eyes.

Metallic colored shades are also a big hit with this season’s fashion. When applying them don’t forget to put an accent on the upper moving eyelid, and slightly drive it into your skin while doing so. The most important rule in the gothic style makeup is focusing our accent on one of our features, which means if we’re highlighting our eyes, we need to use a transparent shine for the lipstick. Likewise if our lips are going to have a dark color to them, the eyes are going to need to have a no makeup look. Let’s talk about eyebrows, which are still on the peak of their popularity. We’re going to need to give them a natural look, which means thickness and sharpness need to be present. For those who haven’t tried it out, I recommend using a fabulous product for your brows which is simply called “Wonder Brow”, it’s irreplaceable under humid weather conditions which are bound to hit soon. Glitters, highlighters and products that give a bleak look to your skin are still in the mainstream. Only a couple more days, and we’re going to see the new season begin with glamorous parties, romantic dates and get togethers with friends after summer vacation time. I hope everyone keeps looking fabulous and stylish as always!


Illustrated by Nasty Gry