The denim jacket is such a versatile item that it complements practically any look. And a denim jacket with a statement print is a universal street-style item. We found one at Gasanova, Ukrainian brand, and made sure it is the most popular Instagram jacket of the season!

The brand has two clothing lines. The first one is presented at Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days, and the second one is the dehim line. The most recognizable item by the brand is an oversize denim jacket with a pop-art styled ptint. It has already been Instagramed and shown off at street style shootings by celebrity clients. Among them are fashion and show business influencers – Daria Shapovalova, Snezhana Onopko, Alina Baikova, Dasha Astafieva, Katro Zauber.


The signature Gasanova piece is $150-200. The brand purchases ready-to-wear jackets and then prints them. Most items are by Levi’s, the American brand. The idea of printed jackets came to Elvira two years ago.

“It all started when I decided to print my own jacket. I am proud that we were the first to do this in Ukraine. All of my clients – celebrities or not – are my friends. Every one of them made a great impact in developing my brand and improving the quality of our work”.




The prints are hand made so the brand has a whole team of artists. Usually the prints come in the form of comics in pop-art style. You can place an individual order for your own Instagram picture, for example, in the form of an art picture. The design is performed by Elvira herself and her team boasts as much as 12 people.

If compared, the sales on Instagram by far exceed the sales on Facebook for Gasanova. 90 per cent of them come from Instagram: the bright pictures are well remembered by the followers.




“It’s like a game – people browse Instagram 10-20 times per hour. If you can catch their attention – then the comment or maybe eve the sale is yours! My brand’s position is intellectual sexuality, and it works!”

Gasanova doesn’t have a specific policy on Instagram management. Elvira may post 20 photos at a time, doesn’t use filters nor sticks to a posting schedule. The most importand picture criteria comes down to great lighting and an interesting capture. Most popular pictures are not the jackets in them as you could guess. Elvira’s selfies actually are 🙂




The brand delivers worldwide, the items were shipped as far as the USA (especially Miami) and Bali.

In Ukraine the brand is sold at their own showroom, as well as concept-stores Index 50 and Gallery 48.

Instagram: @gasanova_showroom