The newly released and already critically acclaimed eyeliner from Lancome, labeled Grandiose Liner definitely deserves a place in your makeup bag, even if it’s not that spacious.

The main feature of this eyeliner is the applicator, that has the option to flex up to thirty five degrees to both sides. Lisa Eldridge, the world famous beauty blogger and currently the global creative director at Lancome states that the thirty five degree angle is ideal for comfortable drawing of the eye line of all difficulties. The product feels quite impressive, it gives a great matted, almost velvet finish, which shades crystal pigments and gives your eyes a saturated look.
It’s extremely durable! After you use it in the morning, your eyes will keep their stunning look until sundown, without small cracks even on the inside edges. Those with oily skin have nothing to be afraid of, you won’t be seeing the usual imprint that eyeliners leave on your upper eyelids while using the Grandiose Liner.

The secret is in the wax foundation that the formula is built on. There is however another side to this great product, girls who aren’t experienced in applying the “cat eye technique” with the swiftness of a samurai’s sword, won’t be able to use this product effectively. Lancome’s fast drying formula is unforgiving when it comes to mistakes in it’s application. You won’t be able to use a wet napkin to carefully remove an unneeded touch that you made. So you’re definitely going to need to sharpen up your “cat eye” skills!

Taking off the Grandiose Liner is a breeze! All you need is some warm water and careful moving motions, no extreme force is needed here. You’re also not going to need any oily makeup removers, that some other eyeliners require.

The last compelling argument, which really delivers the final blow is the design of the eyeliner that matches the product’s capabilities so well! There’s no arguing to the fact that Grandiose Liner by Lancome have the greatest and best looking bottle design of all existing eyeliners on the market!

Grandiose Liner by Lancome - Illustrated by Nasty Gry

Illustrated by Nasty Gry