Gucci Cardigan - Anastasiia Masiutkina

In order to ring some changes on your February wardrobe full of endless oversize-sweaters and polo necks, modern it-girls recommend you to take a closer look at a brand new trend – a “granny” cardigan. At first sight even the name of this clothing item is associated with the warmth and coziness of a fireplace and would unlikely reflect an image of the modern young girl. However, models and celebrities successfully show us on their own example how compatible this retro-jacket may chop in a modern look, both literally and figuratively.

Among those who dared to present his vision of this old-style clothing, the new creative director of Gucci – Alessandro Michele, turned out to be the craftiest in terms of ingenious combining romantics and intellectualism. A thick classical woolen cardigan with a tiny lace collar and dressy pearly-metal buttons is an ideal compromise, which would never make you doubt if a girl is smart or pretty.

The only thing you should pay attention to when choosing something to wear out of “granny’s” wardrobe is executing in modern makeover. For instance, a woolen cardigan would go best with jeans, brogues or trainers; in a nutshell, your outfit should not remind one of your first primary teacher or a school librarian.