Tanya Nemchenko, a stylist, founded her hat brand just six months ago. When you think that all the market niches are already taken, there comes a brand that creates that niche for itself. This is exactly that case. Cover №1 hats are now owned by many Ukrainian it-girls. The brand’s clients include Masha Efrosinina, Katya Osadcha, Masha Shalomeeva, Olga Slon. The brand’s campaign features the model Nadya Shapoval.


‘It all started with the search of a perfect hat for the filming, and ended up in founding Cover№1. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while. It took me a couple months from deciding to start a brand to actually starting. I found the materials, the staff, learned the technology and the details of working with different kinds of materials.’
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The main Cover№1 hat type is the boater, the brand also makes fedoras and montanas.

‘My love for boaters actually made me create my brand. I believe it’s the perfect hat shape. It also has a lot of variations when it comes to sizes and proportions’, says Tanya Nemchenko.


The brand stands out for its unexpected color schemes. For instance, bright blue comes with black color blocking, or the ribbons on the hats contrast the color of the hats. All of this is the result of the brand founder’s stylist experience.


The production is completely carried out in Ukraine. All the hats are hand-crafted at a studio in Kiev. It takes two to four days to make one hat. Rabbit felt from Czech Republic and Italy is used for the production.


The brand is now working on its summer collection.

‘I feel like straw is being delivered to us from all continents’, laughs Tanya.


All the hats are delivered in huge round carton boxes, layered with tissue paper. So the brand’s clients don’t have to worry where to keep their new accessory – the stylish box will decorate any walk-in closet.


Cover№1 is sold online at TUMQO and at Corner Concept Store in Kiev и Odessa, and also in Losanne (Switzerland). The brand is also active on Instagram. It’s profile boasts numerous tags from the clients. Word of mouth also is big time –client’s friends want the same hats after successful insta-posts.


Instagram: cover_no1

Facebook: Cover Number One (https://www.facebook.com/covernumberone/?fref=ts)