The history behind HelenaSAI brand jewelry is one that started as a child’s curiosity, continued as a teenagers hobby and at last became the designer’s life’s work. The mastermind behind her creation, Elena Podtopta was born in a family of geologists and at an early age started collecting different kinds of minerals. She learned the history of the precious stones as well as studied and observed the various properties of her precious holdings. Elena continued to show her affection through her time at the University, where she studied rock formations as well as ecology. While keeping her love for minerals, a young Ms.Podtopta found a new passion, traveling the world and exploring it’s intricate and varied architecture, this combination became the inspiration to her becoming a designer. After working tirelessly as a creative designer at a creative architecture firm, Elena’s ambition for the art’s as well as the thirst to try something new, combined with her long love for jewelry finally led her to create her own brand, this is how HelenaSAI was born, only four years ago.


At first the brand was responsible for wholesale jewels, which were handpicked and imported from Europe to the Ukrainian market. Later on that wasn’t enough for the brand’s creator, Elena decided to spice things up and started creating her own work. Handmade jewels, which held a beautiful mineral accent in them, something the designer had cherished and loved since childhood.

Today the premium jewel brand HelenaSAI has their work in twenty different locations all around Ukraine, including a concept art spot in Switzerland and other European countries. That’s not including her main showroom in Kiev, where she works alongside ten like-minded individuals like herself.



The defining features in HelenaSAI jewels are natural, precious and semi precious gems. Ultramarine, agate, garnet, ruby, amethyst, citrine, dory, quartz, rauchtopaz and labradorite stones are some of many that can be found within her collection, which has garnered attention from well known magazines like Vogue and L’Officiel.



“I always felt like working with artificial materials wasn’t something I was cut out to do, I wanted something more. Beside the beauty of the jewels, there had to be a certain meaning to them. Gems were the missing parts that really gave me the unique opportunity to fulfill my dreams into reality”- is how Elena describes her philosophy behind her work. That’s exactly why the creations of the designer can be seen as not only fantastic jewel pieces, but also as talismans. These precious stones are charged with a special type energy, that has to align with it’s owners aesthetic. When each part of the puzzle is put in place, the created works look great as an accessory to the person, but also effect their mood in a positive direction.



In some way for the same reason, the brand doesn’t heavily rely on sales through social media. Their Instagram account, which is @helena_sai_ serves as more of a moodboard and a way to get the word out there, while introducing the person to the brand, showing of their new releases and of course creating the desire inside someone for their amazing jewelry. The people behind HelenaSAI are really vocal about the main feature in their products, which are the natural stones, with their respective properties. When shopping with them, make sure to touch and really feel the stones. At first contact you will feel the coldness of the gems in your hands, followed by their gradual warmth, sometimes they even change their color tone!



“We frequently ask that our gems be laid outside of the display where they are being sold, even under such a seemingly ineffective barrier the stones can change their original look” – is what folks from HelenaSAI tell us, they do however add ” We’re also really looking into expanding our Instagram outreach, we’ve teamed up with a professional recently, who’s sole focus will be on the platform”.



We could also mention some of the new and known merchandise from the brand. The transformer-bead with a detachable tassel, which depending on your mood and destination can be changed into a bracelet is a prime example of one of their works. The price for this particular piece ranges from 80$ to 220$. Something else that stands out from their collection are the tassel earrings, which are accompanied by a variety of beautiful stones. The brand not only takes care of their stones, but also pays close attention to other materials used in the process of creation. For small parts they use a special medicinal alloy, which is completely allergy-free, tested on and by the designers and creators themselves!




Elena’s ambitious plans don’t stop here, she’s currently working to develop her new website, which she hopes will see the same level of success as her jewel brand as well as expand to the global stage! Right now it’s an online market place, that also serves as a platform to inform people about the current and upcoming fashion trends in the jewelry scene. The creator and designer behind all of this would really love to work with well known fashion houses and world renown jewelry brands like Boucheron or Mikimoto. We wish that she will be able to accomplish this and much more!