Last year Swedish mass market giant H&M produced a collection dedicated to Coachella music festival and named it very flirty –  #HMLovesCoachella. Nobody, including company management, expected such huge success for this hippie-chic line! All stores in the whole world sold out pieces from that line in less than 4 days. It made good inspiration for creators and they decided “to continue love with Coachella”  – 17 of March is going to bulk sale  #HMLovesCoachella 2! in  USA, and later, 30 of March – in stores around the world.

#HMLovesCoachella 2! is preparing for us linen blouses sewn with beads, thrum  and sequins, onepieces with bright colorful patterns, soft hats, grunge boots, ripped jeans, ethnic jewellery, T-shirts with symbolic of Indian phratries and sun glasses a la John and Yoko.

This year on the territory of the music fest there will be a special hippie-bus, where people can buy a new t-shirt with drinks, dances and having fun! One more surprise for fans of bohemic style is the fact that tickets to Coachella fest are already impossible to buy, but not for H&M clients! The brand is keeping some quantity of tickets and will raffle them in the end of March in all social media! So if you are still not their follower, it’s nice reason to become!

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