Burberry changes fashion-shows model! Will other fashion companies follow them? I asked the editor of Elle Ukraine Sonia Zabuga about this !

Sonia: Burberry have always been innovative! In 2010 they’ve been the first who made online translation of their fashion show and now in 2016 they took the initiative to make two shows per year and to sell the collection immediately after the catwalk! I think I won’t be wrong to assume with high probability that very soon other fashion companies will follow their idea! And there is a reason! Yes, of course, they have to change the system of production and work processes with buyers! But the reason why the company decided to take this step, in my opinion, is very convincing!

Fashion houses spend a lot of effort to make PR for the shows! All the emotions connected to the show are passing through the real-time! And six months after when the collection appear in the shops and everybody again write about it, you feel like it’s already “material covered”! All the people have already seen it and read about it! And this is a powerful argument!

I’m  pretty sure that at this stage Burberry has also a lot of questions! But I’m also sure that they will overtake all difficulties!