Since the cold is really gaining ground outside, we’ve decided to test a truly seasonal product. Something that’s going to come in handy during the frosty and windy city days, as well as being great to have during winter mountain trips and even indoors! Especially indoors, because in today’s world there are air conditioners and heaters in every place you visit!

This winter “musthave” is the Instant Light Lip Oil by Clarins. There are three different shades of it, the “Red Berry”, “Honey” and “Raspberry”, all of which have their own pleasant and unique aroma. Now about the oil itself, it’s quite light, doesn’t stick to your hair in windy weather, which can happen a lot with typical glitters and liquid lipstick. Despite its oily consistency it isn’t runny. It holds moisture and protection in high regard, if applied at night, even lips that are currently chapped and suffering during the cold season will heal! It also looks great aesthetically! Honey is going to work best if you’re looking for something colorless, the other two have really vivid and colorful pigments that could leave marks on your pillow.

Let’s talk about the look. It seems to have a small, shiny, barely visible tone to it. When the product settles on your lips, it leaves a tone that’s fairly similar to your natural lip one, which looks more juicy and preppy! This effect remains for about four hours!

The applicator that comes with this product definitely deserves a round of applause, it’s really wide, easy to use and just all around pleasant to work with. The narrow stopper on the neck of the tube lets you use the product sparingly, extending its lifetime in return. We recommend using this product daily, it’s moisturizing, protecting and beautifying, all in a couple of swoops that don’t even require the presence of a mirror to be applied.

All in all, we’re giving Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil by Claris a solid 10/10, while their “Raspberry” shade receives the prize for being most liked by our staff for their stunning and mood-uplifting aroma!

Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil by Clarins

Illustrated – by Nasty Gry