1. Your brand is «made in …?»
Jeanne Cöer is a luxury designer brand of handbags (pochette) and accessories for women. It’s signature feature is the use of plexiglass and special, unique detailing . Each item is designed and handcrafted in Italy from the highest quality materials by master craftsmen.The new collection, designed in Milan, Italy, includes a line of exclusive handbags and accessories.The brand’s headquarters are situated in the capital of the fashion world, Milan (Italy).



2. Who is the team behind «JEANNE CÖER»?
The Jeanne Cöer team consists of 4 people in the office , that’s not counting the PR department; we’re a pretty small company but it’s important for us to have a superior product and an awesome end result in everything we do. I take great pleasure in working with the team of very talented people who are extremely enthusiastic about what they do.
There are 3 departments in our company :
The IT department , which keeps the online shop running and also works on graphics . Alex and Victoria are from London, so they have a different point of view and always bring new things to the table.
I really love open minded people, who are creative and always active when it comes to their work.
The Sales Departments is headed by Alice, who’s Italian and works directly with clients, including customer support. She’s a really strong willed women and very cool-headed at the same time.
I myself work in the Design department! And of course our marketing department is curated by the PR team.




3. How many years has your brand been in existence?
My brand started from the ground up and I started designing in the end of 2015 with ideas to create the pochette in plexiglass, with butterflies, which came out soon after. Officially we’ve been on the market since october 2015.

4. How did the idea of such bags appear? Who or what was the inspiration for this style?
The idea to create these kinds of bags, was born during my time studying at Istituto Marangoni. I was drawing sketches of women, who have flying butterflies around their body. For me it was truly symbolic, I wanted to represent the mood and feelings of summer, happiness and falling in love.
Have you heard of the expression “to have the butterflies in your stomach?”. In Germany we say “Schmetterlinge im Bauch”- it means to be in love with somebody and the mood that carries with those feelings, so I wanted to give this kind of vibe to my clients by creating this line of bags!
While creating the line, I was single and wanted to feel that feeling of being in love, like I always see in the movies and read about in books, so I materialized my idea in the collection, I ended up meeting my significant other , so buy the pochette and you will surely meet your Mr. or Ms. Right =)

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5. Which kind of fabric do you use for sewing your bags?
I use plexiglass and believe me, the process is quite complicated.
For every bag it takes as much as 7 working days, because of the creation process being so complex and the need to follow all the steps in the correct order, in order to complete the product; we have a high standard for our items and everything is hand made!
For accessories we use the best material on the market. Best leather fabric and best produced fabric there is. All the components are made in Italy. All of this is done because of my appreciation of hand work and passionately made product. In my mind the craftsmen over in Italy posses all the qualities for this line of work


6. Which result you’d prefer to achieve? – to see your product on almost every girl and be as popular as as Zara/H&M is or to be a bit more exclusive, but very privileged, and be more of a niche brand?
I believe I created something special and unique, I mean it takes 7 days to make one bag, that’s not considering the time it takes to make accessories =) Of course it can’t be used as an everyday shopping bag! I would love to think that my bag is created for special moments, but it’s available to everyone, so I don’t see the difference between people who buy only luxury brand clothes or just H&M/ZARA . For me it’s the style that matters.
You can always mix the brands. For example you can buy a pullover from Zara or from a vintage market and then mix it with top brands. My most important factor is style. Style is something you can’t just buy, you either have it, or you don’t



7. Do You collaborate with bloggers?
Yes, our PR contractors at Madhouse Group and Hedera SRL work with bloggers.
They are really good at what they do! Creative and just a great group of people to work with. I love collaborating working with dynamic people that are full of energy and I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with them! Alessandro Innocenti from Madhouse group is an amazing individual and a true professional in his line of work.
Everything he touches turns to gold . Andrea is an extremely smart man and creates amazing strategies to promote our product. He gives a lot of interesting and wise advice to our business and I really love working alongside him!

8. Which social networks do you use to promote your brand?
We use everything that exists!

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9. Your Instagram is really cool! Do you have any special strategies on Instagram when posting, some precise system or is it usually unscheduled and extemporaneous?
Of course every brand has a strategy that in general represents the brand and what kind of message you want to send.
We do have one, I wanted to divide our Instagram into different blocks. Everyblock has it’s color and mood .
In my mind the strategy in every business is very important, without a good strategy
(product, price and public view as well as correct momentum) it’s impossible to make a great business.
Each business needs to have the correct vision for their product. It’s very similar to stocks, in order to understand which stocks go down and up, you have to consider a lot of varying components ( economic , political ,etc) and do research on different news channels ( american , german , european and/or chinese , even worldwide ) so only after you have done good research can you facilitate a great product. Also before I start the release of my lines, I always hear a lot of opinions and do a lot of research! For example I research how many companies work with leather products and how many companies works with plexiglass? Less than with leather, so that’s better for me =)




10. Do you use your Instagram as sales channel or only to show the product?!
Yes! Of course we do, especially right now because people spend a lot of their time on instagram and other social networks, so I post to present my collection and express my ideas.

11. Who is the customer of your dream?
OOO this is an interesting question =) ,
I mean , we have so many gorgeous and talented people in today’s world. Singers,
actresses, musicians, writers, bloggers, editors and just public people… how can I even choose one ?
Everybody is special and unique in their own way. It’s like choosing between your right and left hand! =)
I would have to say that everyone has a great and special taste, and It doesn’t matter who wears my product, as long as they love wearing it =)

12. Where is it possible to buy your bags? (offline and on-line stores or showrooms)
I just released my first collection and as of now you can purchase it on our website, www.jeannecoer.com




13. Do customers buy more online or offline?
They prefer buying online, I sometimes receive requests for order via email.

14. What is the next step for developing your brand?
I would love to make shoes and sunglasses, I think it could and would be amazing!

15. How do you see your brand in five years?
I feel like , in five years we’ll meet again and I will have created 10 successful collections of accessories and I will have a lot things and news to show and tell you about! =) After that we could write a book about creating a successful fashion brand 😀 🙂

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