This time we decide to write about very cool handbag brand from Korea “JumpFromPaper”! Read our interview with creators of purses and bags, that look like cartoon characters!

1.Your brand is “made in…?”

JumpFromPaper is a Taipei-based fashion accessory brand.

2. Who is the team behind “JumpfromPaper”?
We’re a bunch of lovers of design, most of us are in fashion and/or graphic designers.


3. How many years has your brand been in existence?
JumpFromPaper started in 2010 and has been operating for 6 years since then.

4. How did the idea of such bags appear? Who or what was the inspirer of this style?
Our creation and design are both inspired from “ kids of the internet age “, who’ve grown up on the Internet and are obsessed with social media. We’re inspired by the music, art, and design from young artists like us.


5. Which kind of fabric do you use for sewing your bags?
Polyester is our favorite material because it shines! We’re also trying to introduce some new components like woolen and PU leather.

6. Which result you’d prefer to achieve? To see your product on almost every girl and be popular such as Zara/H&M or to have fewer customers, but retain your brand as privileged and niche?
We want to keep sharing our fun ideas, that’s our motivation and will always be our goal. Being popular or niche is not our main focus.


7. Do You collaborate with bloggers?
Yes, we collaborate with people who have unique styles,that’s very important to us.

8. Which social networks are you using to promote your brand?
Facebook and Instagram are the new business cards of today! We’re been very into creating “stories” recently.


9. You Instagram is really cool! Do you have any special strategy in Instagram posting, some precise system or is it every time unscheduled and extemporaneous?
We post when we have new and exciting news that we love to share!

10. Who is the customer of your dream?
hmmm We love Miley and Rihanna, like a lot!


11. Where is it possible to buy Your bags? (offline and on-line stores or showrooms)
Shop on

12. Do customers buy more online or offline?


13. What is the next step for developing your brand?
Keep the fun ideas going!

14. How do you see your brand in five years?
Hopefully get to do more interesting projects and collaborations !

And all team of EatDressTravel wish You, guys, inspiration to the best ideas and successful implementation of that!