Miami is one of the most popular touristic destination in the world! Restaurants, clubs, shopping, ocean coast! But do you know that just 15 minutes from South Beach Miami exists a parallel world that will make you feel like you are at some exotic island?! This place is Key Biscayne island! It was founded in 1503! And this is a really unique and reserved place!
Just after arrival to the island we took a small boat and made a little trip not so far from the coast! And here I fully lost my connection with the reality! Shallow water with the clean white sand… Btw be careful to walk as you’ll be surrounded by the huge see stars, little tortoises and different fishes! And above you will see a lot of different birds among which I saw Pelicans that really know how to attract people to watch them!
It was just one day but I felt like I had a full weekend of relax!
Key Biscayne is the place to see! Especially if you go to Miami for one week and more!