Kiss my Eyes are trendy accessories for travel and leisure. Right now the brand is producing sleeping masks, travel holders and bandanas. All accessories are made in chic and cheap concept – they are bright, glamorous, stylish and affordable. Kiss my Eyes are only 6 months old now. During this time a couple thousand clients got their own masks. The niche looks to be completely unoccupied.


“Leisure culture is not really developed in our country. We try to look good at work or study, but never care about how we are going to bed or travelling to the airport. I think in a little while we will be paying more attention to details.” – believes Alyona.

Creative ideas and production are both managed by the brand owner. The prints for the masks are created in collaboration with Ukrainian artists and later are transferred to fabrics. There is only one production capacity that prints on silk the way technology requires it. It took a while to find it for the brand owner. After printing the silk is delivered to production atelier.





“I love both natural and modern materials. That is why I chose 100% silk for the masks and bandanas and scuba for the travel holders for the current collection. All the fabrics are produced in Europe – the lace, bands, ruffles zippers and even threads that other brands usually save money on. The part of brand’s philosophy – even for small money the customer has to receive great quality.”

Production in Ukraine requires stamina and patience. Partners and contractors almost never meet the deadlines or even fail to accomplish the task. For instance, scuba fabric for the first travel holders consignment was rejected because the print looked nothing like the proofing.

The brand is sold on Facebook and Instagram. At the very beginning it was 3 Instagram posts per day, now it is 1-2 pictures. The best posting time according to Alyona, is 10 am and 4 pm. Her favorite filters are from VSCOCAM, but now she uses Photoshop presets. Most Instagram hears are earned by pictures that were ‘liked’ by popular users. The brand’s audience loves details – glitter star close-ups or ruffled elements.




“As for the price range, Kiss my Eyes is actually close to mass-market. There are no such prices for handmade pieces of 100% silk. At the same time, there’s no handmade production of natural fabrics in mass-market. This is how my brand stands out”.

If compared by the amount of sales, Instagram looses to Facebook for Alyona. The Messenger is more quick in terms of order confirmation while new message request in Instagram direct can hand there for hours. Instagram also requires constant check-ups. Also, advertizing posts on Facebook are more effective than on Instagram.

Alena Kucherniuk, Owner, CEO & Founder at Kiss My Eyes





Masks and travel holders are mostly ordered to Ukraine and Russia. During the next three years the brand is planning to sale worldwide, collaborate with Ukrainian designers and celebrities and open an offline store. The brand owner is planning to expand to famous European marketplaces and finalize the brand’s website. Kiss my Eyes will soon be sold at several Ukrainian showrooms.








Instagram: @kissmyeyesua