One of the best features of this ecstatic lipstick is it’s ability to apply multiple layers, that’s really something that sets it apart from the competition. Doesn’t matter which color you choose, the first layer is going to look and feel like more of a tonal cream that gives off a slight effect of moisture on your lips. The second layer that you apply creates that much wanted shimmer shine, while the third one brings it home with it’s tough and moisturized fueled lipstick feel.

I would have to agree with the fact that you can layer up almost any product, but with the La Petite Robe Noire the whole layering process just works so perfectly! By the way this lipstick has more things to offer than the three layer program!

After applying bright colors from this Guerlain made product you can notice a slight tint on your lips, which persists for several hours and gives off a juicy, natural feeling, while sporting that flawless “no make-up” look which is spread evenly and has no spots whatsoever. It can get a little uncomfortable if for some reason you need to spotlessly remove that bright shine, you’re going to need to use a strong makeup remover.

The lipstick has a very specific aroma to it which honestly resembles the legendary La Petite Robe Noire perfume. The intensity of the smell is a very delicate one and it has to be that way or it will mess with the taste receptors. This product also has an interesting taste itself; it’s a bit sweet, and even those who aren’t exactly fond of taste infused lipstick, myself included, will feel that the flavor is lost within 10-15 minutes of its application.

The texture is really light, doesn’t stick and is just overall good in terms of consistency. I’d recommend this collection to lovers of different berry tones. From a light flamingo pink to a soul filled magenta, fancy blueberry sorbet and even a fluorescent fusion; lipstick tones from the La Petite Robe Noire are truly extraordinary! Calling these color pallets just “pink” or “red” would be a crime!

The team at Guerlain were also very smart to release nail polish that matches the color codes of the lipstick simultaneously!

Помада Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick

Illustration – Nasty Gry