California based brand Urban Decay released their pallet of eye shades called Naked a couple years ago, the product carried tones that matched natural skin colors and made a huge impact on the makeup world! Most beauticians threw out a good portion of their huge collections of beloved day-to-day accessories and replaced it with one simple set of shades. Colors within the kit can be used as a sculpting foundation, as well as a shader, highlighter and you can even use them to contour your eyebrows!

This multifaceted product exceeded market expectations and prompted its creators to launch a new Naked line, which included different variations of shades, lipstick, glitters and finally this fall we got to witness a substance for nails!

Eight new Naked Nail Colors were released! Seven of them have this glossy look(with an extraordinarily active component, which doesn’t require a finish!) and the other one has a gold shimmer! The dry time is super quick, there’s a pleasant scent to them that doesn’t give off that acetone stink (it’s perfect for ladies that are hypersensitive about their makeup gear)! It’s fairly sturdy, doesn’t chip for the first 2-3 days, but honestly in today’s makeup world, where gels and covers last up to 10 days; it’s a bit weird why the product doesn’t keep up with market standards.

The flasks are decorated with beautiful tiny metallic skull caps, which are so detailed! If you want this fine piece, you’re gonna have to purchase it online on Urban Decay, a single vial is going to cost you 10$, which is a steal if you ask me!


Illustrated by Nasty Gry