I love so much the new products by Lancôme! One month ago I received #magic box with innovative creams and first I decided to complete a course and only after to write about it and share my impressions.

The first jar is double-sided: #1 and #2. This is the most important part of this Visionnaire Crescendo course! Dual-phases liquid peel care should be used nightly for 28 days.

For the first 14 nights I applied Phase 1 formula and Phase 2 formula for the next 14 nights. This dual-phases procedure turns out to be softer and handier than ordinary scrubbing! And I’m completely happy with the result.

Renewal skin cells, fewer visible wrinkles, skin looks smoother and radiant – all of these I felt on my skin already during the phase #1. The main thing is to follow the rules and do not skip anything! 🙂

After applying Crescendo nightly I used to apply night cream Visionnaire Nuit and also it is necessary to apply a cream with at least SPF 15 at the daytime. So Visionnaire cream with SPF 20 was perfect for me. These creams are soft, aren’t sticky and well absorbedь #love
As I mentioned before – I really like new products in cosmetology, but most of all I like when they fully confirm their description in real life!
Lancôme ❤