Just this past Saturday(09/24), as a part of the Milano Fashion Week we witnessed one of the most visually stunning presentations of the Summer ’17 Season. I am so excited with the reveal of the new crystal decorated heels and handbags! The collection was dedicated to the awakening of the seasons nature, so butterflies, flowers and juicy colorful tones were a big part of the newly released items. Jimmy Choo as a brand is most definitely an icon in terms of its sleek form, but it went even further this year by putting more attention to its detail, using outstanding materials and obviously the production team behind the event definitely did their part, especially in the creative department.

The photo hall was intricately decorated with lightweight paper butterflies in all kinds of green tones, from that swampy color to the light lime. They all seemed to just levitate in the air, and would start fluttering around like the real ones with the slightest vibration or a passing of wind that would occur around them. I’m sure it’s gonna be super hard to hold off on buying their new sandals, which came out with the newly presented line, even if you already have a hundred of their shoes from past collections.