Florence charms at first glance… It catches your breath, makes you admire it and you have no choice but to fall in love with this city. So much it was adored by world-known artists and for many it became a muse from Fyodor Dostoyevsky and George Eliot to Frank Lloyd Wright, Robert Browning and Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

For sure, every guide or application will inform you about at least top 10 things to do and to visit, but this list can go much further and be not less interesting than a beaten path.

Florence is not about being in a hurry. Take your time and don’t run. Even if you have only a couple of days, just pay your attention to few things and only then you’ll feel the atmosphere of the city.

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When I come back to this city my mind is about to explode! It’s creating a “schedule” when and where I have to be this or that day for a lunch, an aperitif or a dinner. Don’t forget about morning coffees at the best coffee place Chiaroscuro, panini at i Fratellini at via de’ Cimatori, L’Antico Noè o L’Antico Vinaio at via de’ Neri, a glass of prosecco in piazza Signoria at Gucci Museo restaurant! Maybe there will remain time and place for one gelato zabaione & pistacchio from gelateria Dei Neri or gelateria Santa Trinita. And maybe it’s not much about the ice-cream but about 10 minutes stop at Santa Trinita bridge to admire Ponte Vecchio from another side.

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Moving a bit out from touristic squares go through via Ghibellina or Borgo dei Albizi towards piazza Sant’Ambrogio, which is not visited much by tourists but is quite interesting if you are in search of good Italian restaurants, like ristorante Cibreo. In front of it is located one of best pizzerias Il Pizzaioulo – my favorite one! To change, try pizza with onion and tuna, this will be a new experience and you’ll definitely love it! Also there is a market – mercato di Sant’Ambrogio, where there are both a vegetable and a flea market.

To choose a restaurant for a dinner in Florence is far from being a simple task. Or you randomly choose a place and it turns to be a touristic one, or you know good places, but the list may be quite long. Anyway the second variant is obviously better. But I want to tell you about my definitely favorite restaurant in Florence. And this is exactly a restaurant, not a trattoria, with a sophisticated Tuscan cuisine if you want. La Giostra, located in Borgo Pinti, has its unique atmosphere. It was founded by Alberto Dimitri Kunz, Prince of Habsburg-Lorraine, at the suggestion of friends who gathered at the table in his castle, located in Chianti. Subdued lighting, endless shelves of wine, fur coverings and walls lined with pictures of celebrities who visited the restaurant – all this creates an overwhelming romantic atmosphere.


If you are in Florence during a summer time it is almost impossible to remember what is fresh air. Only in the late late night the relief may become spots on upper hills which surround the city. To reach them you can have a half of an hour walk along Arno and come to a panoramic belvedere – to piazzale Michelangelo. If you are now a newbie in Florence, you’ll know that the best time to go is closer to the sunset… Having taken a bottle of wine along, to sit on the stairs together with locals and tourists and admire a change of colors of the sky and the whole city center torched with the sunlight is in full view…


Also, for summer heat check the main parks, which are also an essential embellishment of Florence – Boboli gardens, the garden of roses near piazzale Michelangelo, which are the closest to the downtown.


Finishing this short guide, my thoughts are at the Caffetteria Delle Oblate with a glass of wine and an amazing view at Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore… Keep traveling the world and explore more and more with Eatdresstravel & Feetoutofbed 😉