Odessa! I’ve not been there since two years and I’m so happy to come here at least for few days! The reason why I’m here is Odessa International Film Festival! Opening Ceremony, Elle event, “Cafè Society” movie premier, JetSetter event and me already in the plane on the way home! I didn’t change my outfits often as it was not enough time for this but still I show my three favorite looks! Two amazing dresses by Vita Kin and one light and stylish dress by Ayline! And where else could I watch the movie by Woody Allen that was opening this year Cannes Film Festival ?! Odessa, I’ll come back! Thanks so much OIFF for the invitation!



OIFF_2016-07-15_OIFF-2016 Red Carpet_van_1762_1468613562_5517

OIFF_2016-07-15_OIFF-2016 Red Carpet_n73a1594_1468765486_5517Dress – Vita Kin


18345_277975_1468743388Anastasiia Masiutkina D’Ambrosio, Anna Ganopolskaya

IMG_4772Anastasiia Masiutkina D’Ambrosio, Sonya Zabuga, Viktoria Tigipko

IMG_4773Viktoria Tigipko and Anastasiia Masiutkina D’Ambrosio

IMG_4774Dress – Aylin Grushovenko

18343_277794_1468669533Anastasiia Masiutkina D’Ambrosio, Anna Ganopolskaya, Alisa Saienko

18343_277815_1468669533Sonya Zabuga, Lilia Litkovskaya, Anastasiia Masiutkina D’Ambrosio,
Alyona Osmanova

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