It’s very well known that Italians are eating due to their perfect schedule. So far the restaurants works also with very precise timing.

I don’t know how you feel about this but I find myself comfortable in a new city only if I know where I can eat or just grab something any time I want.

Today I’ll tell about one Italian bar chain Panino Giusto. It’s a very easygoing place where you can order tasty sandwich, connect to the wifi and take a rest from the touristic day or shopping :))

Panino Giusto in Milan 2

My most favorite sandwich is “Tartufo” with Brie cheese, prosciutto Parma and truffle oil. And coffee is served with the small ice cream candy Dai Dai 🙂

Panino Giusto in Milan

I wish to see this chain in the whole world as Italians really have a good products and they know how from these products to make tasty sandwich 🙂