Petits Joueurs Tote Bag

You might not have remembered the name of a brand Les Petits Joueurs, but you definitely saw its bags, because of which many street style lovers have been going crazy for many seasons in a raw. Les Petits Joueurs bags always stand out on fashion mongers at Fashion weeks due to their bright Lego applications.

The history of creation of these bags can be called a fashion-version of the Cinderella story. Thus, a few years ago a 19-year old Italian girl Maria Sole Cecchi, who had just moved to Paris in search of happiness and a good job in fashion industry, could not afford a catching and stylish accessory when getting ready for a party. And then she decided to make it herself: she took one of her old purses and decorated it with the Lego constructor and she couldn’t but grab everybody’s attention with that bag at the event. Thus, the childish bags and clutches very soon became a number one in the wish-lists of many fashion insiders all over the world, while Cecchi got the reputation of a successful designer.

But the fanciest and flashiest item out of this spring collection is considered to be a white tote bag. You fall in love at first sight with the accessory, which has a “LOVE” appeal on it as it seems to have been laid out by a kid with colourful constructor pieces.