The sexiest beauty trend of the summer is «Kissed Lips effect». Perfect way to achieve it – to kiss a handsome man, of course! And we also have alternative – it is not such pleasant and interesting as main variant, but still very effective!

This lip makeup style looks very tender and actual everywhere anytime actual – day time and or evening, job place or dinner with friends, and especially – on a date! To make up in this way is much easier than you suppose to! Because in this case you don’t need perfect lines or be very careful, it’s opposite – relaxed carelessness is best technique here.

Also you can use any lip product which you like or have – there are lip liners, pencils, colorful glosses, matt or moisturizing lipsticks, tints or even liquid blushes. And you need only one device for applying – your finger. So, steps of applying:

–       Camouflage  a little your lips by foundation;

–       Put a lipstick on the centers of upper lip and under lip and blend it by finger in direction to the contour.

–       Smile! Done!

There are some nuances about texture types. If you took a matte lipstick – make it more bendable by a drop of gloss or a lip balm. The same trick use with a pencil.  If your choice stopped on the wet effect oily lipstick – it is very flexible, but it’s not for a long term, for prolong colorstaying  – after applying a lipstick use a paper napkins – put it onto lips and through it  get a bit of powder .

«Kissed lips effect» – it is fashionable and easy! So, kiss a lot and be pretty!

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Illustrated by Nastya Gry