The Costume Institute represented an exhibition dedicated to the living Japanese designer and founder of Comme des Garçons brand Rei Kawakubo on the 4th May at The Metropolitan Museum.

It just so happened, that I landed in New-York the day before! And I was in The Metropolitan Museum at 12.00 a.m. the next day.

The Met Ball of Costume Institute which takes place in Museum is preceded to the exposition. The guests of The Met Ball are the most famous people and the red carpet is surrounded by the guests and residents of the city which came to see celebrities.

Every year the exhibition is dedicated to the work of one of the designers, but this year will be a special, because Rei is still working designer. Only Yves Saint-Loran also was humbled to have such exhibition in 1983.

Once I was lucky to participate in Comme des Garçons fashion show. Then I just came to Paris and it was my second fashion show. I was invited, because one of the model has some problems and couldn’t to participate in this show. And the day before I was the participant of Junya Watanabe fashion show and I struck up a friendship with everyone. I remember how calm everything was and how her bright costumes don’t combined with this quiet atmosphere.

To see the best costumes from her collections in one place is an unforgettable experience. And I absolutely cannot understand how the #metgala guests could such ignore the designer they come here for.

I definitely would wear one of her avant-garde images!