Ornaments from Sergey Zhernov are very unique, and to put it straight, quite alternative. While taking a closer look at his creations, you get a feeling that they were inspired by Scandinavian epos, different mystic ideas and touches of pagan warmth towards nature.

But that’s if we’re talking about the creative side.

If we were to discuss more down to earth things, we should mention that Zhernov’s works really amaze you with their details, extremely high quality execution even of the smallest elements, and of course intriguing design.




Sergey’s showroom-workshop, that looks more like an art space, than a trading or production platform is a part of his creation process. The luxurious interior design, with purposefully rough elements and refined accents which holds a style that can sometimes be hard to identify, but gives of a retro steam-punk vibe, with a mysterious Bulgakov-esque atmosphere. This feel is also created because of the furniture, which is also made by the author! We sometimes joke that the “range of Zhernov’s esthetic” is actually much wider than the variety of mass produced jewelry as a whole!




Three years ago our designer just started creating one-time productions, which weren’t supposed to fit into the modern and young fashion business, he didn’t have a provocatively named collection, nor did he try to offer his creations to stylists doing photoshoots, there weren’t even any outstanding presentations done by his studio. It was a natural creative process, that found it’s call with demand from the people, later on, clients wanted his merchandise so badly, that he had to classify his products into thematic lines! Sergey’s wife, Lilly helped him with every step of the way, from the ground up. Now a hobby, has turned into a family business. Right now their team also has an art director, and a PR manager.




Currently the brand’s history contains 6 fully fledged collections, which are all one of a kind, and were all created for different reasons, productions like Caprice, Birds, Corals, Rocks, My precious and Fifth Day are among those that weren’t included.

It’s interesting to note that while creating his notorious skull collection, real bones were used from small animals like reptiles and birds. Crow, pigeon, sparrow, parrot, rabbit, bat and even iguana skeletal parts were used in the process. His earrings and brooches, which hold the looks of bird feet, were cast from their real world specimens. The Corral line, as well as the beetles and mantises from Caprice are all fantastically made, the closest you can get to a real reproduction of our nature’s finest!





During our interview, Zhernov’s wrist holds something that is extremely hard to not notice, a bracelet that is made with genuine boar tusk, containing metal and plastic elements.

“I work with materials like copper, silver, amber, fossils and even plastic. I love natural rocks, they’re intricacy is beautiful, but I don’t believe in any “special” abilities that they hold, and I don’t like to put in any thoughts towards them, unless they’re purely aesthetical. Your rock is the one which you like, and the one that when you hold in your hands, you don’t want to put it back on to the show case. That’s the whole mentality behind it!”




Sergey’s mindset towards the development of the brand is quite simple and easy to understand, and therefore, very likable. “In three years of work, we’ve opened our own show-room, created a solid clientele, which also became our friends (actually it somehow happens that all our clients eventually become our friends). Our creations get recognized and published by such powerhouse publishers like Forbes, Vogue, Gilded magazine and Elements Magazine. We are the first Ukrainian brand that is represented at the Villa Gross boutique. Everything is working out great! And if something isn’t, I’m sure it will turn out great soon enough!

The guys at Zhernov plan to take part in European exhibitions and open up corners in Milan and Paris in the near future. Looking at how far they’ve come, and how hard they’ve been working, there is no shade of doubt that they’re going to succeed!