1. Where is your brand made in?

Currently SOFITIE is being produced in Ukraine.

2. Who’s on your creative team?

I’m both the creator and designer of the brand, so any failures endured by it are always accounted for by myself. Achievements, on the other hand are celebrated amongst friends and family. I also have a small team of creators and tailors, one of them is my mother Nina! She is my inspiration and since childhood she taught me to love objects that are handmade!

@sofitie brand

3. How long has your brand been active?

On the first of October we’re celebrating our two year anniversary, the start of our brand was marked by the creation of our logo!

4. Where did you come up with the idea for your style? What inspired you to have such a unique fantasy vibe around your products?

A designer interprets his surroundings and utilizes them in his creations. It was always hard for me to answer a question like “What style is your collection from?”.
But later, my style figured out itself – its “pop-punk”. Two styles that are usually complete opposite of one another.

@sofitie brand painting

@sofitie brand painting

5. What kind of materials do you use to make your clothes? Tell me about your new stamping method, that I heard you want to create a patent for!

I love using multiple materials at once and trying new things. In my new collection labeled FRANKLIN you can see a globe right next to a fireproof tarp along with velvet. There are no boundaries, only the ones in our mind. Even something that is perceived negative my professionals can inspire me and I can draw from it. The contractors I work with love my interesting designs, and their simplistic ways of manufacturing, I really enjoy getting compliments for my work. There is an exact print copy of the 100$ bill on one of my products from the FRANKLIN collection. We had a laugh at the studio when someone suggested we put our desired salary on the merchandise.

@sofitie brand painting

@sofitie brand painting

@sofitie brand painting

6. Would you like to see your brand as big as ZARA/H&M? Or would you want it to be on the premium niche market, where only the chosen few can get their hands on your products?

It’s honestly a nervous but an enjoyable moment, seeing the clothes you create on other people. You get to see how they use it, what they wear it with. The more you see these unplanned sightings, the more pleasurable you feel.

7. Do you work with bloggers?

This kind of industry isn’t really developed in Ukraine, compared to other countries. When an international blog asks for a mutual agreement, it’s a win-win situation for the both of us.

@sofitie brand

8. What kind of social networks do you use?


9. Your IG page is wicked interesting! DO you have some kind of posting schedule? Or are you posts spontaneous and unpredictable?

Thanks! I personally run our IG page, and don’t plan on outsourcing this matter in the near future. I personally know some of my followers, and I know what kind of material they love seeing on their feed, I love seeing their comments and suggestions when I post things. I mostly post on the SOFITIE page when I have something valuable and meaningful to post.

@sofitie brand catwalk men

@sofitie brand catwalk men

@sofitie brand catwalk women

10. Who do you want to see sporting your clothes?

A passerby on the other side of the globe!

11. Where can someone get their hands on one of your products?

Our products are sold offline at:

Odessa, Poltava, Dnepr, Kharkiv Ukraine

Or you could email us at sales@sofitie.com

12. What’s the next step for your company?

We would love to participate in European runway shows.

@sofitie brand catwalk

@sofitie brand catwalk

13. Do people prefer shopping offline and online?

We get more in store sales, but getting international online orders is something I always love seeing!

14. Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

I would love to see my brand succeed. It’s like a child you love, you only wish the best for him/her.

@sofitie brand catwalk women

15 . What are 5 facts everyone should know about your brand?

From the start of the process to it’s finish, the creation of SOFITIE products is an artistic expression.
We make clothes for people who are young and reckless, and love to wear our merchandise daily.

We have a connection with the human body, and considering the whole conceptual process, we never make them out to be ugly.

The most important thing in our client is his characteristic! All of our products pass quality inspections and are tested out thoroughly. We use the best materials.

SOFITIE is open to collaborations and loves to experiment!







img_3672 Photo: Anna Vilkova