Spring is time of colourful lashes! Spring is right time for brightness and experiments! That’s exactly why a most famous cosmetic brands offer us all colours of mascara in March, May and April!))

I like very much to use untypical colours in my job – its always extraordinary and coquette! But very important to be careful and attentive with such a bright tones – any mistake can costs You whole look. So for  to avoid  the troubles let’s speak about some coloristic laws which we should know before using fashionable mascara.

First of all your successful make-up depends of great combination of your eyes colour and mascara tone – if you have green eyes – the best choice for the lashes is purple and marsala, it makes lens more juisy and glossy. For blue -eyed girls I recommend – pallete of gold and brown, but not navy and lilac – on compartment active mascara pigment your eye-iris become pale and dim.

For ladies with brown and grey eyes a range is much wider! They can use almost all types of mascara – blue, marsala, purple, green and even pink! Only exceptions are – brown for brown – it makes tired look, and green for grey – it also makes the colourless diluted.

If you are not ready yet for such a brave challenges – try to use a multicolour mascara only onto a tips of lashes above your usual black one. Or, opposite – if you like this trend and want something more – mix mascara with eye-liner of the same or contrast colour and you’ll get a look of true fashionista.

Multicolour mascara is a real must have this spring, so don’t be shy and go ahead!

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llustrated by Nastya Gry