Every little girl dreams of three things: to become the prom queen, to go out with the coolest guy from school and to trade the school bag for a purse. Every young woman is ready to sacrifice her reputation as the most popular girl and even to give up a very handsome boy in order to get the trendiest rucksack, which by the way, became a must have even for those who hate all school accessories.

It’s all about the famous Burberry rucksack which is a new “little black dress” because it goes with all types of clothes and would do almost for all kind of events. Being stylish, simple and functional it would be much more handy and reliable for trips and cocktails parties than your boyfriend.

The first batch of these bags came out only this fall with limited edition and was immediately sold out. Now this accessory came back with a new wave of popularity by giving an opportunity to decorate it with your initials. Who doesn’t wanna have a bag with her name on it?