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Weightless lace, melting textures and daring designs. This is how you can briefly describe perfect underwear by Zhilyova Lingerie. Having appeared on the market about a year and a half ago, the it since has become the most notable handmade lingerie brand in Ukraine.

Val red 3webLera Zhilyova, the founder of the brand was philosophical when it came down to naming. Despite the fact that it’s quite hard to read her name at first, she decided to stick with it anyway.

Lera Zhilyova, designer: «I want a great product to have my name on it. By the way, I’m not sure Jacquemus or Ann Demeulemeester cared too much about someone having a hard time reading their names.»


The brand started with non-padded bras and now is creating a multitude of forms and shapes. Some of them take up to 10 hours of hand craft to make. The lace is ordered from European dealers. One lingerie set costs approximately $80.

“It took me just one night between the idea of starting a lingerie brand and my first lingerie set. Next morning I was already sending out its pictures. I always make decisions real quick when it comes to work.”


Despite the high rent rates in Kyiv, the collections are created in the very city centre. Lera herself is in charge of the designs. She also manages a team of 10 workers, which constantly grows. The brand also is very responsive to the market inquiries. As soon as the 90’s fashion trend came up, the brand already created themed temporary tattoos.


Instagram profile was created alongside with the brand. The designer considers it to be the most popular platform for listing a product. That’s for sure – most of the orders come from Instagram. The brand boasts in 30k followers and ships its products worldwide.


Lera says she doesn’t keep any of the Instagram maintaining rules. Not even the popular rule of posting according to a schedule, at 11.00 and 19.00 for instance.

«If a photographer sends me a cool picture, I can never wait until the “right” time to post it on social media.”

Besides Instagram Zhilyova Lingerie is sold at their own showroom, at Gallery 48 store, also at Blushhh and Suitster. You can also find them in Russia, Bulgaria and even Mexico.


«I think we don’t have any competitors with equal quality and vision. Looks like the brands that all the brands in Ukraine and nearby are mere analogues. It’s interesting to watch someone making a unique product instead of copying your own”.

The nearest 3-year plans include creating a whole fashion house with a boutique chain. Also, the brand is working on developing a body care line, accessories and perfumes.

Instagram: @zhilyova_lingerie


Facebook: Zhilyova Lingerie