1. Your brand is “made in …?”

Our brand is completely MADE IN ITALY. The heart of entire world of Tomas Than is located in Milan. We use Italian know how and the best Italian craftsmen. We really believe in power of tradition, know how and the Italian way of making things.

2. Who is the team in “TomasThan”?

Tomas Than maison is a mosaic of men and women from a vast variety of professional backgrounds, all united by the same respect for the crafts and a love of a job well done. Tomas is the creative, the mind of the brand, he checks everything. What Tomas Than is always searching for his ideal of beauty and of perfect shape is the right thing, the good thing, the beautiful thing.


3. How many years your brand already exists?

Tomas Than pursued his dedication to creativity, craftsmanship, and quality and launched his eponymous Milan based brand in 2013.

4. How did the idea of such bags appear? Who or what was the inspirer of this style?

Well Tomas, always, is being inspired by architecture elements, design forniture an contemporary art. He loves clean lines, pure design, discreet logo glorifying the exquisite quality and the innovative shapes.

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5. Which kind of fabric do You use for sewing Your bags?

We have an obsession with all details we use the best raw materials such as french and italian calfskin, south african ostrich leather, and different types of precious crocodile skins.

6. Which result you’d prefer to achieve? – to see your product on almost every girl and be popular as much as Zara/H&M is or to have not so many customers, but very privileged, and be more a niche brand?

The result we would like to achieve is too see our items on women or men who love and who feel more beautiful with one of our bags.





7. Do You collaborate with bloggers?

Every time we study any new collaboration, we like to share our passion.

8. Which social networks are you using to promote your brand?

We use Instagram to tell our story, to show our behind the scenes and our inspirations


9. You Instagram is really cool! Do you have any special strategy in Instagram posting, some precise system or is it every time unscheduled and extemporaneous?

We like to show our followers our world, we love to get in touch with followers. We are much more interested to show there real thing, the mood of the moment than having a strategy.

10. Do you use your Instagram as sales channel or only to show the product?!

Now we use Instagram, as I said to show our collections and world.




11. Who is the customer of your dream?

We do no have a stereotype woman or men, every our customer is considered one of a kind. We care of our costumers and new one who can feel beautiful, comfortable with our bags, because first of all bags today must be useful.

12. Where is possible to buy Your bags? (offline and on-line stores or showrooms)

We sell our collection online on our personal website tomasthan.com or aere-store.com or artemest.com
Offline in our showroom in Milan or in private sale event we do all around the world




13. Do customers buy more online or offline?

Our customers prefer to see, to touch and to discover in person the collections.

14. What is the next step for developing your brand?

Enter in some selected multi brand or department stores in the world

15. How do you see your brand in five years?

With much more different collections, bags, small leather goods, belts, perfumes and with some mono brand where we can really show our lifestyle.