1. Your brand is “made in …?”

2. Who is the team in “Tonya Hawkes”?
Our structure is Design, Development, Merchandising, Production, Ad Campaigns, Web all in Italy and Press, Sales, Accounting is in New York and show Market in Paris. We maybe opening a showroom in Milan from next season.


3. How many years your brand already exists?

Our first collection was launched Spring of 2012.

4. How did the idea of such bags appear? Who or what was the inspirer of this style?
I start from jewelry and build my pieces one at a time based on what I am drawn to, then I play with the pieces and create the styles organically.



5. Which kind of fabric do You use for sewing Your bags?
I have focused on snakeskin, lacquered calfskin and metallic leathers as my base because they have an immediate impact to the eye and making eye catching pieces is my objective.

6. Which result you’d prefer to achieve? – to see your product on almost every girl and be popular as much as Zara/H&M is or to have not so many customers, but very privileged, and be more a niche brand?
I have to admit that seeing my bags on the red carpet, or at upscale cultural events feels like heaven. I think visibility is important to any brand and i am happy either way.


7. Do You collaborate with bloggers?
I have collaborated with bloggers for styling, but not in design.

8. Which social networks are you using to promote your brand?
I enjoy using Instagram and find it most effective for finding a larger focused audience. I have a blog and it’s not as immediate or interactive as I had hoped it would be.

tonyahawkes_trunk_bags_2tonya-hawkes-clutches-cover-600x411-19. You Instagram is really cool! Do you have any special strategy in Instagram posting, some precise system or is it every time unscheduled and extemporaneous?
I know that’s what most bloggers and companies will do to build followers and I know that it works well, however, most of the pictures are taken by me so my posting schedule is inconsistent as I cannot always find the time or level of concentration to get the right shot. Somedays I am full of ideas and want to post all my pics in one day and then three days can go by without posting!!

10. Do you use your Instagram as sales channel or only to show the product?!
It’s been working both ways! It gets better over time for the sales.

10963495_4602480_480 large_tonya-hawkes-black-polka-dot-printed-snakeskin-clutch

11. Who is the customer of your dream?

I obsess over super stylish women like I obsess over tall dark and handsome men ( in a slightly different way of course) and super stylish women obsess over culture, design and high quality fashion. I am deeply honored to be considered a part of these womens’ lives in some small way- like being a part of them getting their look on- strutting out the door and caring themselves with confidence for any occasion.

12. Where is possible to buy Your bags? (offline and on-line stores or showrooms)
I’ve had 100 top door retailers worldwide to date so it might be easier to google search for the products sold in your area but if you live in a bigger city the chances will be higher of having the possibility to choose the product in person.


13. Do customers buy more online or offline?

14. What is the next step for developing your brand?
I have recently taken the next step this SS17 by launching a new sandal collection that will be arriving into stores mid February 2017.


15. How do you see your brand in five years? Another 5 years?
I’ve always been a dreamer- for good or bad- and right now I happened to feel very grounded and realistic so what I see is a lot of WORK! We are focused on building the shoe business so that we can have the total look brand that I dream of.