Dominican Republic, Barbados, Saint Martin – everybody know these Caribbean islands but there is one chain that mostly known by Americans but not Europeans!

Turks and Caicos is only one and a half hour flight from Miami and less then one hour flight from Dominican Republic!




But the main thing here is that it has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world Grace Bay (Providenciales)! It was named the World’s Leading Beach for several years running at the world Travel Awards! And I checked it!!! It’s really awesome!

We took the hotel right on it just enjoy this place every day! And actually this location is super so I can suggest it completely!




If you want to go around what is also fun – rent car by yourself as taxi is very expensive! (I’ve never writing about this things before but at this island you’ll not find normal taxi! All of them are small buses and to go in you should step on small stool and all this situation look ridiculous specially if you are wearing long evening dress and high heels! The price is per person like in real bus! 😂


This place done for relax so don’t expect some crazy adventures! The only few that I liked were horse riding in the ocean and boat trip to Iguana Island (read my previous post about it)!

These islands have such a beautiful beaches that you’ll just not remain indifferent!