Anastasiia M.:
This November I attended the International Decoded Fashion Summit in Milan! There were all the head of digital marketing of companies like Gucci, Valentino, Pinko, Tod’s, H&M. When the participants were learning that I was coming from Ukraine they were all saying: “This is so great! Eastern Europe, this is your time! You are today’s inspiration!”

It surely influences. This is thanks to a growing generation of very bright and talented designers, photographers and stylists. For example, in Europe, the culture of fashion has developed during centuries. Thinking of our 25 years history, we can consider that our development in this domain is rather significant. We not forget the fact that during the Soviet period the aesthetics had rather poor diversity. According to the stories of our moms and grandmas, all skillful ladies used to create their looks themselves. But we are not discussing this now. Representatives of the new generation travel, shows their works and influence the trends in real time. Today we can sometimes find replicas of the creations of our designers in the collections of the world giants. It means that they follow them, and this is becoming even more obvious when you see re-interpretations of the creations of our young talents in the collections of fast fashion brands.

Recently, there has been a fashion show of in collaboration between Gosha Rubchinskiy and Adidas, which has been discussed by everybody. The aesthetics of this collection is not typical for Europe. In fact, if such mass brand like Adidas engages him, it means that they are interested to promote his creativity, and this is another proof of being influential. Prior to that, the world was “blown up” by Vita Kim and her ethnic motifs. I come to Paris to Haute Couture Fashion Week shows and French ladies ask me if I know her and tell me that they are in love of her design! I hardly could imagine this 10 years ago. Last year was the year of denim by Ksenia Schnaider. I think that the world is always interested in something new, fresh and authentic. This is even more true with buyers tired of luxury brands.

The social networks erase the borders and allow you to be more close to celebrities! We daily absorb megabytes of information and get inspired from FB, Twitter or Instagram! But there is always smb behind the scene who choose the right person and made him to become the mass leader.. and after you’ll scrolling the news and checking what this blogger is wearing today! That was the way we found out many brands! Even Yluana Sergeenko and Mira Duma were firsts conquering the minds through brights looks and after – through their personality we were attracted by brand that is behind them.

At the same time our designers manage to reach the demands of the local market and the global market. I am sure that these are not their last achievements, and they will have many more occasions to be proud. If they manage to keep the crazy rhythm of innovation, they will discover new horizons.

Ulyana Boyko, Editor-in-chief l’Officiel Ukraine