Designer Vivienne Westwood wants to draw attention to the forgotten clothes – togas and unisex clothing in general, creating a series of five togas for a special project in the social networks.

Vivienne Westwood has repeatedly appealed to the concept of unisex items in her collections. Now she chose a Roman toga to say once again: fashion has neither gender, nor age limits.

So, designer prepares her interpretation of togas – one of the oldest items of clothing, worn in Ancient Rome. It was a strip of wool about 6 metres long that was wrapped around the body and worn over a tunic.

By the way, it is not the first time when Westwood refers to this kind of clothing. We have already seen togas in her collections in 1982 and 1988, as well as in the recent AW 16/17 show.

Now designer has decided to create five exclusive togas and give a chance to her friends – activists, artists, musicians, dancers and photographers to style and shoot her togas as they wish. This week you will be able to see the outcome of each shoot on Instagram account and the behind the scenes footage on Twitter, marked #ViviennesCreatives.

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