Can you believe that a swimsuit can be the most functional item in your wardrobe? That for sure has to be a very special swimsuit, which can be a bodysuit and a top at the same time. Kseniya and Daria, the owners at Comechance, seem to have found the formula for a perfect top. And told EatDressTravel all about it!

078080The brand started in May 2014. Kseniya and Dasha were looking for a niche at Ukrainian market that hadn’t been taken by anyone. And it turned out nobody was producing swimsuits at the time. Several months before that the girls were working on the idea, analyzed the marked, worked on the business plan and formed the initial budget.

Comechance started with swimsuits. This season they also added beachwear and accessories to the product range. You can wear their items to the beach and combine with other wardrobe pieces to wear all-year-round. For instance, the one-piece swimsuits can be easily worn as bodysuits.

“We wanted to create a non-typical and unusual product in Ukraine. At first even our friends thought that we had started importing some European or American brand. They were surprised to know that it’s a 100% produced by us”, says Kseniya.

“I remember how we couldn’t find the right name for the brand. We were looking for something we haven’t heard about ourselves and wanted it to be original. Some weeks later we came across the word comechance. We thought it suited very well. The name of our brand is still interesting to others”, adds Dasha.


Dasha is the brand’s creative director and designer, Kseniya is the PR-director. Until lately Comechance didn’t have any competitors at Ukrainian market. Now there are several brands producing swimwear. Comechance is still distinguished by the quality of sewing, fabrics and implements. They have a secret studio which has the equipment to sew swimwear. There are no such machines anywhere in the country.


When it comes to fabrics, the designers like using supplex, stretch nets and scuba for the swimsuits. For kimonos and beachwear they use organza and sequins. The materials are normally ordered from Italy, although oranza was being embroidered with sequins in India. It takes 2 to 14 days to make one piece of clothing.


This year Comechance got to produce a full-scale collection. They showcased it during Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. ‘It was quite a challenge. That’s how we so our strong and weak sides and learned lots of priceless lessons. Some people think that we as owners of the brand lead a fun and glamorous lives and that it all just works for us. In fact, nobody sees even a part of the job we have to do’.


The girls have the brand’s Instagram-account from the very beginning. Actually, that’s how Comechance earned their first clients and sales. Some Instagram comments even helped them improve some of the collection’s items.

The designers have noticed that most likes are earned by posts which contain stories, facts or tags of other brands together with the picture itself. The rules are general for SMM – posting twice a day, in the morning and at night. And an interesting capture is a must.


To help their Instagram page, the duo is now renewing their website which soon will be an online store as well. The also sell offline – in Gallery 48 in Kyiv and are in negotiations with several retail stores abroad.

Instagram: @comechance

Facebook: Comechance (https://www.facebook.com/comechancecom/?fref=ts)